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ModbusTCP - GX - Pheonix Inverter 3000/24

I'm using Home Assistant and the GX software running of a PI. I've a SmartSolar 150/35 and Phoenix 3000/24 connected via USB to the GX. All works well...ish.

The GX sees both devices and the console shows power values for both. The inverter values bounce around as you'd expect.

The issue is reading the values via ModbusTCP for the inverter. I've got the unit ID (238) right but regardless of the register the GX log says it's invalid. For ref I'm trying to read 3102. Now I can use unit 100 (system) and address 817 and it works BUT, it rounded. Power of 14VA shown on the GX will read as 0W. 80VA shows as 72W. It's like it'll only show multiples of 72....odd.

I can read the SmartSolar values directly with its unit ID (239) so I know that I can reference devices other than system.

I'm a bit lost with this, so any help would be great.

Modbus TCP
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So using a Modbus explorer I and see 3100 and 3101 with no errors on the GX, but 3102 just errors. A bug in the Phoenix?
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A bit more info. Seems the resolution is 24W which I guess is a function of voltage (240) and the amps being reported to one decimal.

But how does the GX show better resolution? Anyone from Victron want to comment?

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