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SBP-65 controlled by Remote BMV Temperature AND High Voltage?


I'd like to use a SBP to control a 24v seawater airconditioner for cooling lithium cells while charging.

The Smart Battery Protect shall power the airconditioner as long as these two conditions are met (logical AND):

High Battery Temperature via Remote Port (Smart BMV-712 alarm/relay)

High System Voltage (as approximation of Solar absorb phase) via SBP internal sensor (e.g. >3.35V@Cell or >26,8V@24V)

Can this be done with a single SBP or would I need to use two SBP in series? (1: voltage, 2: remote)

Or even better: Can I use two remotes (H&L) from Smart MPPT Absoption relay and Temperature from BMV on a single SBP?

BMV Battery MonitorBattery Protectremote on off
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