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Bluesmart charger and VE.Direct

Ok , more a whinge , why don’t victron add a VE.Direct mechanism to the blue smart chargers. It seems to me a deliberate decision to prevent it encroaching on the Phoenix unit. The blue smart mppt , the bmv 712 all have both but this charger doesn’t

In my case , I want a simple network initially , but long term want to go to a VE.Direct monitoring , now I neither buy a much more expensive charger a and Bluetooth dongle , or I buy a better Blue smart charger but it will not integrate

Grrrrr. Victron, you need to have a standardised policy so that devices work across networking solutions.

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Probably because it is not designed to be used as part of a system. Sort of for more of a workshop garage install, or basic battery maintenance. So pretty sure it was not a deliberate choice, just there was a different idea for its purpose than the one you have chosen it for.

For most people who want to charge of mains you get an inveter charger, you get one (multiplus quattro etc). If you are off grid you get an offgrid inverter like a phoenix (cheaper) no ac option.

I do hear what you are saying. Maybe it can be a future revision?

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