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Quattro 8kw or similar for Battleborn battery setup?


Hello, I’m looking at purchasing the Victron Quattro 8kW inverter or similar and running it with a Battleborn battery setup. Can you recommend what will work best as far as 12v 100 amp or 24v 50 amp and series or parallel setup? Maybe another model invertor might be better? I’m basically using it as a backup over night (not to run gas generator)..possibly longer if major outage. It will be used for 2 refrigerators, furnace and hot water tank fan, some lighting and most likely a single burner induction or small toaster oven so between 4000-6000 kw in future if I decide to upgrade or add more lighting or devices. Thankyou for any advice you can provide Mik

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It is more a case of can the battle born handle the amp draw of an 8kVA inverter?

8000 at 12v is 666A out a battery bank (needs to be special to handle that). A second problem with that is it will be massively inefficient. Needs massive cables for the DC. (so ends up being more expensive like that).

8000 at 24 is 333A out a bank. Again the bank needs to be decently sized in bank and DC wiring as well.

8000 at 48V is your best bet at 166A out the bank. Best for efficiency and less scary amperage, smaller DC wiring.

I personally am not a fan of 48V banks built from 12 batteries they have their own set of issues, you would need a minimum of 8 batteries series paralled to make the min requirements at 48V for the surge amps, but definitely wont run the full loads for very long at all (9.6kWh so just on an hour). But battle born say they can just make sure you mention that is what you are doing when you order them.

You would want at least 18 to 20kwhrs of battery to be of any use, with decent amount of solar to cover both loads and charging.

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