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Centaur switches to float skipping bulk & absorb on discharged batteries

We have an existing Centaur charger charging our AGM house bank. We noticed on our most recent anchoring that the Centaur charger is not going into bulk or absorb on our AGM house bank and goes straight to float per the BMV. Worked fine in the past. When I go now and look at the data over several cycles where we would run a generator to charge the bank we don't see the Centaur even hitting bulk / absorption.

You can see the two attached graphs that display battery voltage for our 8 AGM battery house bank. AGM are 5-6 years old now. It is almost like the Centaur.

The Centaur has a second battery (Genset) it charges and it does go through the Bulk/Absorb/Float per the voltage readouts.

Could this be caused by the AGM being at the end of their life and somehow causing the charger to trip early??


battery charging
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