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Wiring MPPT 100/20 and Orion 12/12 30 non-isolated

Hi everyone,

I installing the electricity in my van conversion and I'm looking for a little help on the wiring set up for my dc-dc charger and MPPT. I can't find a clear explanation of how these should actually be wired in practical terms. It's my first time and I'm just nervous about making a mistake.

Should they both be wired directly to the positive terminal on my battery bank (2x 180Ah AGM in parallel)? If so, how will they interact with one another so as not to over charge the battery? they are both smart units, so perhaps this all depends on the Victron connect app?

Any help would be much appreciated (including wire and fuse sizing!)

Thank you!

MPPT Controllersorion-tr smartwiring
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