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Simple Schematic



I live in sunny South Africa. I am busy building new radio towers for my company and use solar power as source.

Your product knowledge in publications is very good in assisting design parameters. However schematics lacks with your products. A simple sketch showing connecting solar panel to a MPPT, then Inverter would be appreciated.


Developing a product in a laboratory and the train of thought of developing team will elude all endusers. See this in a positive light please as most endusers are not solar power engineers. You need to make it easy for end users as it would lead to increased sales.

I am now contemplating using the Venus GX for remote monitoring and management. But I have questions as there are no schematics of product integration, i.e. do I connect battery directly to Venus GX or the MPPT? Or even Both?

I am replacing all my Steca chargers now with Victron over the next 2 years, but need to have a solution to work with for budgetary purposes.

Our technicians need blue tooth access at the radio towers as the whole installation is above 6m up on the mast to prevent theft.

I attach a PDF and would appreciate some feedback and advice on what to connect to what. This taking the Venus GX into consideration.



Victron Layout.pdf

Venus GX - VGX
victron-layout.pdf (343.8 KiB)
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

I understand completely Christovr, thank you for the encouragement and reminder.

It was in part my responsibility for working on this before I become very involved with this community site (which I also thought was important).

I hope to have something to show to you very soon.

Where to connect the VenusGX?

On the power side, the VenusGX should be connected to your DC distribution. If it is a VERY simple system, it could be connected directly to the battery terminals (with a fuse), OR also possibly to the the load output terminal of the smaller MPPTs.

On the data side, the VenusGX should be connected to the MPPT via the VE.Direct cable accessory. The battery connection for data depends on the kind of battery but will usually be a BMV battery monitor, or a BMS in a bigger lithium system.

I understand this would all be a lot simpler with some pictures. I will be working on some first thing tomorrow morning!

Thanks again for posting.

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Thanks for the answer Guy.

Much appreciated.



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