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add auto run to USB sticks

I am getting increased interest in my Venus modifications (mainly GuiMods) from people with no programming experience. I'm looking for a way to automatically install these modifications for those that do not feel comfortable with a command line interface. A missing piece is getting a script to run when a USB stick is inserted in the Venus system.

A mechanism already exists to automatically install things in the /data partition. A scrip named is run during system boot looking for compressed archives and if found unpacks them into the /data partition. mvader used this mechanism to install a rcS.local file that would run on next boot, it destroys any existing rcS.local file. That's OK in his case because the mechanism is designed to remove everything from the /data portion to restore the system to factory defaults.

What I propose is a mechanism similar to autorun.bat in Windows systems:

If an file was found on the USB stick, could execute that script after it unpacks any archives.

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