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Venus OS modification scripts

I have created a number of setup scripts that simplify several Venus modifications. These have been discussed elsewhere but wanted to put all my changes in one place.

EDIT: I have renamed the repos to make it simpler to reinstall them on a Venus device, and also included commands you can copy/paste into the Venus command line to install each package.

The first command set is if you have internet access from the Venus device.

The second command is if don't have internet access. The command needs to be run on another unix computer that does have internet access (Mac OS qualifies). The resultant .tar.gz file is then copied to a USB memory stick, inserted in the Venus device. The install occurs when the Venus device reboots. You can do multiple installs if the .tar.gz file names are unique.

I've undertaken a major rewrite to the script code that makes it easier to write install/uninstall scripts and came up with SetupHelper that's used in all my scripts. You need it for all the other scripts.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/RpiGpioSetup-current /data/RpiGpioSetup
mv current.tar.gz SetupHelper.tar.gz

TankRepeater solves an issue with NMEA2000 tank systems that report multiple tanks. Without TankRepeater, all tanks from that system are reported on the same tank tile with changing values.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/TankRepeater-current /data/TankRepeater
mv current.tar.gz TankRepeater.tar.gz

GeneratorConnector interconnects the generator digital input (if any) to the generator's start/stop logic. This allows Venus to sync up with a generator start or stop that's done outside of Venus. It also adds status to the Generator Overview.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/GeneratorConnector-current /data/GeneratorConnector
mv current.tar.gz GeneratorConnector.tar.gz

I had previously published a "Mobile Overview" enhancement that adds voltage, current and frequency to the AC in and out tiles in addition to a major layout change.

To that, I added a couple of other tweaks: I hide the Tile Overview and move Settings and Notifications to the top of the Device list.

Each modification can be installed or removed independent of the others.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/GuiMods-current /data/GuiMods
mv current.tar.gz GuiMods.tar.gz

I recently switched from a CCGX to a Raspberry Pi 4 and had a difficult time getting the display set up properly. Most notable was screen saver and dimming were missing.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/RpiDisplaySetup-current /data/RpiDisplaySetup
mv current.tar.gz RpiDisplaySetup.tar.gz

I discovered that some of the digital inputs on the Raspberry Pi were high and some were low with nothing connected to the pins. The issue is a default for the Broadcom chip that initializes the first 8 GPIO pins to have pull-ups and the rest to have pull-downs. This required an overlay to straighten out.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/RpiGpioSetup-current /data/RpiGpioSetup
mv current.tar.gz RpiGpioSetup.tar.gz

The Raspberry Pi has no VeCan (CANbus) ports. I found the link describing the alternatives and built a rather complex setup script that handles (hoepfully) 8 different interfaces and the two can ports can0 and can1. While I wrote this for the Pi, it should allow adding CANbus interfaces to other Venus devices that only have one VeCan port.

I have only tested this with the CANable USB interface so if you are brave and have other interfaces, please beta test the script for me.

wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data
mv /data/VeCanSetup-current /data/VeCanSetup
mv current.tar.gz VeCanSetup.tar.gz

As we all know, any modifications we make to the VenusOs file set are overwritten by a VenusOs update. Automatic reinstallation is a key part of SetupHelper.

One of the issues I had was maintaining each script when a new VenusOs version was released. This is especially time-intensive during beta testing. Each package has "FileSets", one for each Venus version going back to v2.40. A new version's file set is automatically created if there are no changes to files modified by the package from one of the previous versions. If changes are detected, the package is automatically uninstalled, or more accurately not automatically reinstalled when a VenusOs update occurs.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you find problems.

Venus OS
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Very nice Kevin, as a suggestion - Some pictures of the new screens would also help others to visulise the changes as well
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Hi Kevin!

I think it will be awesome for the campervan, RV, trailer, 4x4 users to use some of the tank space for at least external and internal temperatures.

I downloaded the QML (no without problems) and tried to modify, but never worked... so if you find any time in the future to put it in one of your updates, I’ll be very grateful, and sure lot of other people!



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The latest GuiMods includes temps in the tanks column on the Mobile Overview. Any temp sensors that show up in the Devices list should appear there.

Also update SetupHelper

Temps are NOT on the Flow overview. That will take more thought to figure out the best way.

llubi avatar image llubi Kevin Windrem ·


... And I did add temps to the Flow overview. Either a single row of temps/tanks if 4 or less, or two rows of up to 4 tanks and 4 temps. After that, the lists scroll horizontally. It's tight but seems to work OK on my 7" screen.



Hello @Kevin Windrem


Any chance of giving the option to only display Celsius Temp's
I have 4 temp sensors and displaying both C & F makes for a cluttered display

Also I have two MPPT controllers, I get two lots of solar information displayed, however the information for the 2nd Solar Controller is a duplicate of the 1st (lower Instance numbered) controller.


1622819567095.png (25.5 KiB)

Thanks for the input.

I added a C/F/both selection for temp display. It's set during setup so you need to install again.

I believe I fixed the duplicated PV Charger info but can't check it here. Please let me know if it's fixed.

can't update as get the 2 following errors when executing this command

root@einstein:~# wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data

tar: invalid magic

tar: short read

SetHelper update does work though

Something was wrong with the tag. Recreated it and you should be able to download now.

So initially when attempting the mv command I get the following error

root@einstein:~# mv /data/GuiMods-current /data/GuiMods

mv: can't rename '/data/GuiMods-current': Directory not empty

So a directory listing shows the following

root@einstein:/data# ls -l

drwxrwxr-x 4 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:10 GuiMods

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:14 GuiMods-current

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 5 00:22 SetupHelper

drwxrwxr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:10 SetupHelper-current


So I removed both GuiMods & SetupHelper directories and tried again.

Both wget & mv commands work and I end up with:

root@einstein:/data# ls -l

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:33 GuiMods

drwxrwxr-x 2 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:35 SetupHelper

drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 5 05:09 conf

drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data root 4096 Oct 26 2020 db


Now when executing /data/GuiMods/setup

I get the following error

root@einstein:/data# /data/GuiMods/setup

creating file set for v2.70~16

ERROR v2.70~16 main.qml no replacement file

ERROR v2.70~16 OverviewMobileEnhanced.qml no replacement file

ERROR v2.70~16 TileTank.qml no replacement file

ERROR: incomplete file set for v2.70~16 - can't continue

Is this because the Firmware has updated to v2.7~16

I'll move back to v2.70~15 and check

ok so works for v2.70~15

Temps now in Celsius however Solar is still wrong


1622872221263.png (22.1 KiB)

You did the right thing with the rm -r GuiMods ...

I'll add that to the instructions.

v2.70~16 was released for beta today but pulled down later due to issues. I couldn't get tanks to appear and others found other issues.

So v2.70~15 is the latest for now.

I've tried another change for the PV Charger duplication. I only have one so can't test. Give the latest a try and let me know.

No luck, Solar still the same


1622876082222.png (17.7 KiB)

An update.

I checked the files (and contents) and it appears that OverHub.qml was not getting updated on simply installing over the top of the existing installation.

So I uninstalled, removed both the GuiMods directories and the did a new install.

All appears to be working now.

1622878129269.png (20.2 KiB)

Glad you got it working. Thanks for struggling through with me.

I'm in the process of revamping the install/update process to make this less painful with less commands from the command line.

5teve avatar image 5teve Kevin Windrem ·
@Kevin Windrem I keep seeing CPU temps shown on the interface.. would this be an option to add to your script?

I started looking at a simple tank input too but gave up and will wait for the Stetson board being developed!


I pulled someone else's RPI temp mod off the community, I think here:

I'm in the process of evaluating the TankEdge MODA capacitive tank sensors with the GX Tank 140 as a simple, low cost tank solution with Venus. Waiting on sensor and the GX Tank to arrive but will report back when tests are complete. The Stetson board will support resistive tank sensors like other Venus devices. The Stetson board could be modified to accept voltage based tank sensors with a resistor value change.

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Hi Kevin,

Solar display has broken again (within the last two weeks).

Gone back to displaying the first Solar instance Twice instead of the 2nd one.
Also missing the V & A details for the 2nd entry


1628237304575.png (23.8 KiB)
Should be fixed now. Please test
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I have updated the Flow Overview to include tanks displays and voltage, current, frequency to many of the tiles:


The Mobile Overview page now also has a vertically scrolling list for tanks.

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Good work!

Ooh, you got PV Charger voltage and current, how or does this work for multiple MPPT's?

Thanks Kevin. Nice work.

For unknown reason it doesn't show PV voltage and current for me. Cerbo GX here.


I think you will need to manually specify the MPPT device instance in the code.

Thank you, Mark.

I've been through the code, but fail to see where it calls up the device instance from the MPPTs.

What I can see from OverviewHub.qml is that it looks at dbus-service for PV chargers.

The code I have in place counts the number of solar charger dBus services and displays voltage and current if there is ONLY one.

There is space in the tile for a second voltage/current pair but no where to identify which one is which.

I'm open to making changes. Ideas/suggestions???

So that explains why it's not working for me. I have two PV chargers connected. The second one just sits there w/o PV connected and comes into play with reserve panels when it gets tight in terms of low PV power.

I found some real estate and was able to add two sets of solar charger info including custom names. It grabs the first two PV chargers it finds and ignores the rest.

Hopefully this will address most of the users.

The alternative would be to make a scrolling list. but in such a small area that may not be a good idea.

Looking good though sun is down. Thanks.


I have 3 MPPT's the Amps and V's are not displayed... Could be due to 3 and not 2 being available. Is it not easier to just display totals for all PV?

I also don't see V and A in Critical or AC Loads (is this included)


1623770293785.png (33.6 KiB)
Your system uses a different Flow Overview layout and I have not modified that one.

Thanks Kevin... Its the Cerbo GX with 2.70~19 on at the moment.

Can I change something for GuiMods work?

All the mods I made in OverviewHub.qml would need to be migrated to OverviewGridParallel.qml. Two challenges:

  1. the tile spacing is completely different.
  2. OverviewGridParallel uses different connection: sys. ... which I'm not looking for.

OverviewAcValues.qml ObjectAcConnection.qml would need changes to accommodate the different connections.

There may be more issues.

Thanks - no problem!!

@Kevin Windrem

and on another installation (RPi4), which has the RpiDisplaySetup running, the GuiMods does nothing, means no changes to the GUI and the console output is rather limited compared to what I saw on the Cerbo. Maybe a conflict with RpiDisplaySetup?

This is what I get:

root@raspberrypi4:~# /data/GuiMods/setup

This package modifies the GUI in several areas

All modificaitons are explained below with a choice to install each one individually

Available actions:

  Install and activate (i)

  Uninstall (u) and restores all files to stock

  Quit (q) without further action

  Display setup log (s) outputs the last 100 lines of the log

  Display Log (l) outputs the last 100 lines of the log

Choose an action from the list above: i

BusyBox v1.31.0 (2021-03-07 19:57:11 UTC) multi-call binary.

Usage: basename FILE [SUFFIX]

++ Package installed

adding GuiMods/setup to reinstallScriptsList



The reason you aren't seeing any mode is the script is failing. There should be several more prompts asking what to install and those aren't being asked.

I found the bug and there's an update in GitHub so grab another copy.

I also made some changes to SetupHelper to add a reinstall option that is NOT compatible with the current version of GuiMods. (It SHOULD have worked as before but it isn't!!!)

So grab another copy of Setup Helper also (sorry).

Let me know if you still have problems

Found one more bug but it's fixed now.

Thank again, Kevin.

It's now working too.

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Great Mod!

It would be to great usage to add option so specify custom/extra tile to Flow Overview: extra shunt, Mppt etc based on Dbus paths which can be specified in GuiMods setup console.

So you can 'build'your custom Tile based on Dbus variables or fixed/text/title input. This obviously should be a template to accommodate the available space/lines etc per parameter etc.

BTW: really smart how you build the auto-update script to survive the VenusOS updates automatically; in this way you can customize a setup and forget about it ;-)

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Splitting the Tank column into Tanks and Temperatures is on my to-do list.

I currently use a separate thermometer for inside, outside and refrigerator temperatures but am considering moving temps to Venus.

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Hello @Kevin Windrem,

I just stalled the PiCAN2 DUO HAT on my RPi4 2GB with Venus 2.70-4 large 16.

as an out put I got this

VeCan configurations
can0 PiCAN Hat (MCP2515)
can1 PiCAN Hat (MCP2515)

Choose an action from the list above: d

information for can0
  udev info  vendor=  model Id=  vendor id=  serial=
  overlay: dtoverlay=mcp2515-can0-overlay,oscillator=16000000,interrupt=25
  services: can-bus-bms.can0 mqtt-n2k.can0 vecan-dbus.can0
information for can1
  no udev information available
  overlay: dtoverlay=mcp2515-can1-overlay,oscillator=16000000,interrupt=25
  services: can-bus-bms.can1 mqtt-n2k.can1 vecan-dbus.can1

VeCan configurations
can0 PiCAN Hat (MCP2515)
can1 PiCAN Hat (MCP2515)

Choose an action from the list above:

So it seem everything is working fine. Next step is to attach my new REC-BMS to it and see if it is working. But this will take some time, the cells have not arrived yet.

Thanks for your script!



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Excellent. Did you need to add the PiCAN or were they there automatically?

dirkmuc avatar image dirkmuc Kevin Windrem ·

Hello @Kevin Windrem,

I had nothing to add. Everything was installed automatically.

The CANBUS is also shown in the GUI, so I assume it is correctly integrated into the system.

Thanks again




canbus.png (33.6 KiB)
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Kevin Windrem commented

The current GitHub repos support v2.70~5. While there's no file set for this version in the repos but the boot-time reinstall succeed any way.

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stepir commented

@Kevin Windrem have you tested it with v.2.70~11 ?

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I create file sets by comparing the files I need to modify between Venus versions so I always know if a new Venus version needs a new replacement. This pretty much guarantees the mods will work If the setup script can't find a matching version of the unmodified file, the script won't install the package.

A look at the current file sets indicates that v2.70~11 includes new versions of two of the files I modify and that no file sets exist for more recent versions, so those are the latest modifications.

stepir avatar image stepir Kevin Windrem ·

thanks!!! will give it a try next days!

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rzaenger commented

Hi Kevin,

First of all, thanks for your scripts, which I also use for my setup with a Raspi 4 and the original 7'' display in my campervan.

Some adjustments and translations into German I did graphically and a bit fake with the green LEDs as well and time format too.

Now I use a grid meter ET112 from Victron and let me display the load on the AC side, but I do not use an inverter. Unfortunately, only the power is displayed, but not voltage and current, which is however visible in the menu...

Where can I put here to display that either under AC load in addition or , even better: on the left side at AC input?

It would be enough for me and maybe others if you could show us a way....

What do you think? Is this technically feasible?

Best regards Rolandbildschirmfoto-2021-06-08-um-125308.png


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All of the powers are calculated in system all and presented to the GUI as separate parameters in dBus. Voltage, current and frequency aren’t available via system all, so I go to the inverter’s dBus parameters for that. To get info from the grid meter would require realizing one exists and pulling the data from it’s dBus parameters instead of the inverter.

I don’t have a grid meter so I can’t say how you’d determine the dBus service to pull from. Systemcalc might provide a clue.

Thank you very much. I will go to see what I can find in dBus area...

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Kevin Windrem commented

I just completed work to support the new tanks system which was included in v2.70~16.

In addition, I've added automatic updates for all my packages, and also manual first-time installation for these packages from a menu-based interface.

Automatic updates pull from GitHub or a USB stick with the archives on it. Auto updates from GitHub must be enabled, however updates from a USB stick are always active.

Manual installs are done through the new SetupHelper setup script.

The tedium in the original post regarding package installation is no longer needed. Just do the one for SetupHelper then run other updates/installs from there.

Refer to the SetupHelper repo for more details.

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running v2.71~1

I have used the new /data/SetupHelper/setup to install. This worked OK

Then enabled Auto updates

Then disabled Auto updates

Tried to uninstall choosing <u> option, it says

restarting SetupHelper service

SetupHelper/setup: completed

But the uninstall doesn't work. GuiMods still running

Then ran /data/GuiMods/setup and chose uninstall from this menu, and this then did uninstall the GuiMods.


I removed both the Setuphelper & GuiMods directories, and now I can't install GuiMods at all.

After a couple of reboots I did manage to get SetupHelper to download and moved to its correct install location.

However SetupHelper will not install GuiMods, and trying to download GuiMods directly doesn't work.

It appears to download as per:

root@einstein:~# wget -qO - | tar -xzf - -C /data

root@einstein:~# ls /data -l

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 18 14:38 GuiMods-current

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 18 14:20 SetupHelper

But then a few moments later the GuiMods-current directory disappears

ls: /data/GuiMods-current: No such file or directory

root@einstein:~# ls /data -l

drwxrwxr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 18 14:20 SetupHelper

drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Jun 18 14:27 conf

The setup script for SetupHelper and GuiMods are separate so uninstalling SetupHelper only uninstalls the automatic updates system. You can run the GuiMods uninstall by asking SetupHelper to install GuiMods, then select uninstall from THAT script. Confusing I know.

Re your update:

I have fixed this issue. If auto updates are disabled, the SetupHelper service no longer touches -current directories

Thanks for your input. Sorry you found a bug.

Kevin, will the solar tile show separate AC sensors, IE currently I have 3 x separate Ac sensors one for each grid Tie Inverters output and I see one figure only,

would be nice to see all 3 Sensors separately ???
I haven't done anything with PV Inverters so whatever there is stock. The only PV tile I modifies was PV Charger.
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kvan commented

Using Venus 2.71 on an RPi4 with Touchscreen. Greatly appreciate your RpiDisplaySetup for brightness and timeout! Look forward to setting up temps and tank monitoring going forward. Like your support for two MPPTs. Thank you for the excellent work and support!

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Paul B commented

Hi Kevin Great screen update and very helpfull.

I have a 220v single phase site that has 3 grid tie inverters using 3 x AC current Sensor's installed on one Inverter and these just show as ONE total figure in watts ,

My question is would it be at all possible to also split the one figure into 3 separate readout figures in Watts or watts and amps etc


2 |3000 characters needed characters left characters exceeded

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I would need a PV Inverter so I could identify the service(s) and extract the power, voltage and current from them. I don't have a PV Inverter so I'd need to guess at the parameters.

If you are up to help with debuting, I'd need dbus-spy dumps of the service, then you would need to help debug my changes.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·

Hi Kevin yes happy to help out with debuging your update, please send me what you would like by email

Send me your contact information to

I posted a version of GuiMods that expands the PV Inverter tile and includes name and power for up to 3 PV Inverters.

This is on a test branch for your evaluation since I don't have any PV inverters to test with. Paul, once you have tested, I'll merge this into main.

You must install this version manually. The SetupHelper automatic updates will NOT see this version but the timestamp should prevent auto updates from overwriting it.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·
Will install next time on site and advise
I merged the changes into the main branch (untested) by accident. So if your system is connected to the internet and has automatic package updates enabled, you'll get the update automatically.

In any case, let me know how things go and if I need to make any changes.

Anyone else have a PV inverter system that could test these changes also?

Kevin Windrem avatar image
Kevin Windrem commented

I just posted an update to GuiMods. All setup configuration items have been moved to run-time Settings accessible in Device List / Settings / Display & language / GuiMods.

It is no longer necessary to rerun the setup script to make changes in what is displayed and what modifications are visible. Besides the addition of the configuration menus, there are no functional changes to the mods themselves except:

It is now possible to show/hide tank and temperature information on the Flow Overview.

it is also now possible to select between 12 and 24-hour time format as shown on the Flow and Mobile overviews.

The motivation for this change was the complexity of making a small change via the setup script. It was necessary to go through all the configuration questions to make that one change. I probably do this more than most users but

As always, please let me know if you experience issues with this update or have suggestions for improvements.

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Thanks Kevin. For installations that are connected to the internet - will it update automatically or do I have to rerun installation script?
If you have automatic updates enabled, GuiMods WILL update automatically.
If you don't have automatic updates turned on in SetupHelper, you can use the manual update (again in SetupHelper).
dsfas9 avatar image dsfas9 Kevin Windrem ·

Thanks, turned on automatic updates and got it to work.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·
Kevin, my Venus had the GUImods installed only - and has updated to fw 2.80~11, So I have had to reinstalled helper and gui mods. I also tried uninstall as well and then reinstalled helper and the guimods.

My problem is that when I press i to install it goes straight through and installs as it was orginally, I cant get in to change the setup settings anymore this is both for helper and guimods,

Any idears ???

Sorry for the confusion. The GuiMods setup script was getting very complex with lots of items to walk through just to change one item. So I moved all the setup options to the menu system:

Device List / Settings / Display & Language / GuiMods

There's a submenu for the power gauges and another to show package versions.

Note that Access level needs to be Installer or Superuser to change some of the settings (like gauge settings)

I attempt to transfer the settings you set in the setup script to the menu.

From /data/SetupHelper/setup, you'll find the GitHub auto update enable/disable and manual updates in the same menu as install, uninstall, etc.

With GuiMods installed, you can enable/disable automatic package updates from GuiMods menu as well.

So there is no difference between reinstall and install for these packages.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·

Yes found it thats a good spot and easy to adjust as well.

for the PV inverters as per picture below there are small "--" showing even when there is only one pv connected - and there is even one mixed in with the first set of numbers as well.

No big deal as its just cosmetic anyway,

Ill be going to the site thatr has 3 PV inverters on monday so will install the update then on there site and see if all 3 show



1628321679679.png (32.6 KiB)
1628321868648.png (32.7 KiB)

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll look at the display issues. Those dashes should not be appearing and the one PV inverter's name and power should be showing. (The name comes from the name you set in the PV Inverter's Device submenu and would be blank if you didn't set one.)

I also noticed your inverter's gauge is showing close to max power. That can't be correct with only 460 watts coming from the battery. I calculate the power level for the inverter core and I must not be factoring in the PV Inverter power properly.

This is the first time I've seen a system with a PV inverter so we'll need to go through some debugging to get it working.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·

don't worry about the power difference untill 24 hours has passed as there is a 75 watt overstatement at the moment as the new upgrade to 2.80~11 caused the PV to reset thus it has to re calibrate a zero point this will happen tonight. Also there is NO place to change the name as its fixed to show "PV inverter on output" when you use the AC sensor's as far as I can find. as you can see its still showing 74 watt even though it pitch black outside also I thing the word Greed should be Green. also the graph looks ruffly correct to me but you would now better ???




1628351465726.png (21.6 KiB)

v2.8 of GuiMods does some more work on the PV Inverter stuff. Please check this out and report.

I fixed the alignment of -- but these should not be appearing. The lines should either be filled in or blank. I can't find anything in the code that explains things but made some changes to maybe help identify the problem area.

Update: I did find a potential error in the parameters I was attempting to use to get power from the PV Inverters. Trying another I found in on-line documentaiton

A screen shot of dbus-spy for one of the PV inverters would help a lot.

I also think I fixed the issue with the power Multi power gauge. In your screen shot, the Multi is producing in the neighborhood of 500 watts so should not be close to the overload power. That gauge calculates inverter power which isn't provided by the system Calculations were not subtracting the contribution from PV inverters on the Multi/Quatro output.

abucas01 avatar image
abucas01 commented

Hi Kevin,
I was wondering if it would be possible for you to display temperatures with more precision.
The raw sensor value appears to be stored to 4 decimal places (I can see this in my Grafana data), and for my Grafana graphs I am displaying the temps to 2 decimal places using the following formula (Raw Sensor value *100) - 273.15 see picture (note my fridge is not on)
It would be nice to have the temps on the GX display with a 1 decimal place precision, rather than the whole integer that Victron are offering.
Would probably need to add the offset (if any ) as well so (Raw Sensor value * 100) - 273.15 + Offset

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Just made the changes. Thanks for the idea

Fantastic, thanks for that
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Paul B commented

Kevin the read me file is not displaying when you go to

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Sorry. Fixed now.

No update to version number.

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Hi Kevin, Updated the site to 2.80~11 THEN by installing your the new software to the CCGX then I wanted to install tobi17 chargery software but this software bricks the CCGX on 2.80~11 so I reinstalled the CCGX software back to factory then upgraded it again to 2.80~11 then reinstalled your software and all worked well. however the customer then wanted tobi's software as it was a choice one or the other (I thought) anyway I then downgraded the CCGX back to FW 2.72 thinking that your software would stop working, HOWEVER its still working fine on 2.72 and tobi's software also installed. (his is not working fully but thats a different issue)

I was just suprised that your new software still worked on 2.72 FW

On another issue and you have access to that site via VRM and the 3 AC sensors do not work we still get only one value showing. of interest today I am seeing two values on the solar but both are the same figure, this is because the GUImods updated to 2.8



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Also when the battery is charging there is a red indicator that moves out from the right of the battery - maybe change the graph to look like the sample screen shown. just a thought thats all left from center is discharge and right from center is charge maybe the + and - could also be C or D (more like a Amp meter display)



1628742924822.png (27.7 KiB)

Looks like I've made some progress.

The stock PV Inverter tile shows power of all PV inverters summed together. Below that, I've added the name and power of three individual PV Inverters. With only one, those two values will be the same and redundant. A second PV inverters will activate another pair of lines in the tile. Then the individual power values should sum to the total at the top of the tile.

The name comes from the name you enter in the Device submenu for the inverter. It doesn't look like you added one so it's displayed as a dash.

Cruiser Island (if that's this system) is only showing one PV Inverter in the devices list. If it's not there and in the Devices List on the CCGX then my menu mods won't see it either.

I have some cosmetic tweaks: a little more space below the gauge and the double WW.

On the battery gauge, charging current is shown to the right and discharging to the left. It uses the maximum charging current entered in the DVCC menu. My guess is yours is not defined or set to 0. If you don't use DVCC, turn it on, set the current to whatever your battery bank can accept, then turn it back off. With a zero charging max current, the zero point on the gauge will be on the right side of the battery tile. The red line is the actual charging current and it's red because the max charging current is zero.

I don't see gauges on the inverter or the AC Loads tile. This is probably because you haven't set the three current thresholds for the inverter: peak, a max continuous at best conditions and a max continuous at worst conditions. There's also a max AC output current you need to set. The readme has a little better explanation.

PS: I try to keep my packages compatible with previous versions of Venus OS. Glad it worked for you.

Paul B avatar image Paul B Kevin Windrem ·

yes the PV name is blank because there are 3 ac sensors connected I think, and there is no way to change there names as far as I can see. Victron dont seem to show each one they just show one total in the devices menu, even on the ccgx and under that device there is no way to change the name



1628747346938.png (20.0 KiB)
1628747664592.png (19.9 KiB)
Kevin Note that we are using the AC current sensors to pickup the output from each of the PV inverters. As the AC current sensors are being used we then only see ONE pv inverter in the device list. I think this is the way it works.
Sorry this didn't work out for you. I'll clean things up and add an option to show/hide the expanded information so it doesn't get in the way.

I'm not sure if there are other options for sensing PV Inverter power that might provide separate information for each unit. The energy meters come to mind but that might get costly and might not even work. I don't recall seeing a way to configure one as a PV inverter monitor. If you find something, let me know.

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Hi Kevin!

I had it workin in V2.70 but I updated to 2.72 and now I get “tar:invalid magic” according to google it’s something related to checksum of the file, but no one else seems to have the problem, first time was super easy, and I double and triple checked all the spelling. Tried with GuiMods and SetupHelper, same problem for both.
Working on root@Cerbo GX by SSH

Any help, please?



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Hi Albert,

I had exactly the same last weekend when i was upgrading from 2.66 to 2.80~14 and tried to apply Kevin his mods. I found out that this error comes in when the file is not downloaded at all. Especially when installing the "RPIGpioSetup" there is a misspelling in the wget command. It might be an other problem as well of course but i hope this gives you a bit of direction to the solution. BTW i did not have a problem installing Guimods and the other mods just the RPIGpioSetup.

Thanks! I’m in roaming so it might be a connection problem, will check it!
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Re the raspi canbus to USB interface. I have had i working OK on prior to Ver 2.66.

After that had issues, I am using the canble. SLcan rules file i have used below.

Do you think this file still applies.?

When i do the a ifconfig the can0 link comes up but i only see the rx packets of data no tx data packets

# CANtact/CANable USB module

ACTION=="add", ENV{ID_BUS}=="usb", ENV{ID_VENDOR_ID}=="ad50", ENV{ID_MODEL_ID}=="60c4", SYMLINK+="ttycan0", RUN+="/usr/bin/logger [udev] CANtact detected - running!", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/ $kernel", ENV{VE_SERVICE}="ignore"

ACTION=="remove", ENV{ID_BUS}=="usb", ENV{ID_VENDOR_ID}=="ad50", ENV{ID_MODEL_ID}=="60c4", RUN+="/usr/bin/logger [udev] CANtact removed - running!", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/"

Tyring to get the Stetson HAT back on track, but after these latest version i have lost some functions and partly running runs.


Rob D


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Hi @Kevin Windrem quick question about the generator connector mod, when you say digital input exactly what are you meaning?

thanks for your work on this, we are about to deploy a new system and I’ll be playing with this!

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Cerbo as well as some other "GX devices" have on/off (aka "digital") inputs. One of the selections for these is to tell the GX device whether the generator is running or stopped. In the stock code, all this does is generate a notification that the generator is in the "wrong" state (stopped when it should be running).

GeneratorConnector displays the generator running state on the Generator Overview page and connects that digital input to the manual start/stop logic. So if you start the generator from it's control panel, the GX device's manual generator state will switch to running. Same for stopping the generator from it's local panel.

There's also a warning in the STATUS tile if the GX device expects the generator to be running because of the "conditions" logic and it is reported as stopped by the digital input.

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Thanks, that makes sense.

Having a CCGX i lack those digital inputs. I feel a cerbo upgrade coming at some point.

At the moment in use a DIgital Muliti control panel to switch the current limit in the system for the generator but it would be neater if it could be kept within the GX device!

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