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Power Guages on flow overview

I have added power gauges as an enhancement to the AC input, AC output and Inverter tiles on the Flow Overview page:


The gauge limits are set as part of the installation script to reflect inverter limits and any power limits down stream of the inverter (e.g., power distribution panel's main breaker). The inverter limits come from the Victron spec sheets for your specific inverter.

The gauge in the inverter provides information not previously available. Due to power assist, AC Load power can be provided by both the AC input and inverter simultaneously. The inverter's gauge shows the amount of the assist provided.

The bar changes from green to yellow to indicate a caution power level, then from yellow to red to indicate an overload. The shaded background shows those thresholds so you can instantly get a sense of how close to an overload you may be.

For a multi-leg system (not shown), the bar splits into 2 or 3 bars, on for each leg.

Multis and Quatros are also chargers which means its power is essentially negative. I have NOT shown charging power. Let me know if you think it's important and I will look into showing it.

I have also not factored in PV inverters on either the input or output. If these are present, the information displayed will not be correct.

This enhancement is part of my GuiMods package:

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Hi @Kevin Windrem,

looking good. Although I don't understand the part for the power gauges. I am not asked at installation to put additional information for the Inverter/Charger with the result that the power bars do not appear.

And maybe a feature request: it would be nice to have the Multiplus Switch Off/Charger Only/Inverter Only/On in the flow overwiew (that seems to be impossible due to space requirements) or one of the other graphical overview tiles.

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Kevin Windrem avatar image Kevin Windrem Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ commented ·

Not sure why you aren't being asked for power limits during setup.

You should select i (install), then answer all questions. The 4th prompt is whether or not you want to install the gauges, if you answer yes, it should ask for 4 more values.

If you select r (reinstall) instead, it will use stored values from a previous install and if you haven't installed power gauges previously, the gauges will not appear.

The inverter mode and input current limit settings appear at the bottom of the Mobile Overview page which is easier than going into the menu pages. The Mobile Overview page is one swipe away on a touch screen, or 2-3 clicks using the CCGX.

I have looked for a way to add these to the flow overview. They would need to be a "hidden" functions maybe by touching the inverter and shore power tiles, respectively. This would limit the space available for swipes to change overviews.

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Fantastic work.

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