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[Feature Request] - Venus OS - v3.30?

From time to time it is quite a hard step to figure out why custer sites dont work the way they did when handed over to the customer.
For me a running change log in the background what installers or system owner can check would be very helpful.

Date, Time, In What Menu a value got changed, From Value x, To Value y, Source (VRM or Cerbo)

An other thing what is highly important to me is, if there is an ability to store data longer than 6 month. I recommend to have it available for at least 12 or 18 month. If that is stored on the local SD card, super fine with me. To read the data out via a tool, and even if it is an excel and generate the graphs, that would already help.

And what I have not found, is it possible to configure a CA and therefor configure a SAN or regular certificate for the web interface?

Thank you, hope it helps one the one or the other it would help as well.

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