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Quattro AC out 2 fixed delay in some cases is too long - Better to be user selectable.

The Quattro is ideal for simple boat Shore Power to Generator switchover. The Quattro is perfectly suited to marine applications. The switchover time however of the non-inverter output of 2 minutes means many boat owners think they have a fault if the Quattro is used for the changeover function. Two minutes is a long time to wait for power to transfer through the Quattro. I understand the AC out 2 is designed for non-essential heavy loads but the Quattro can be used effectively for normal non-UPS loads and if the delay could be shortened in some cases it would be an important improvement.

The shortening of the delay may have an impact on the "dynamic current limiter " as that may need some history to be effective but in some cases I suggest that function may not be worth the time delay imposed.

If transfer switch delay could be reduced from 2 minutes to 2 seconds as a user defined parameter ( and maybe disable "dynamic current limiter" under a certain shortened delay) it could redefine how the Quattro is used for some applications.

Generators vary in stability and the ability for them to handle shock loads. To have a 2 minute delay for the generator to settle reduces the effectiveness of the system to the lowest common denominator which in some cases impacts on how the Quattro can be used. The delay for shore power is generally not required.

I suggest the delay could be set by the installer, keep the default at 2 minutes to be cautious and allow the installer to change the transfer switch delay according to the stability of the power source available. Any inability to use dynamic current limit when the time is shortened can be taken into account by the installer and those restriction considered accordingly.

I apologise if I have doubled up as I posted this in the questions section a couple of weeks ago.

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