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MPPT firmware version v1.41 released

UPDATE April 20st: v1.41 has been cancelled. For those that installed it on a BlueSolar, we advice to revert to v1.39. For those that installed v1.41 on a SmartSolar, please contact us by leaving a message below.

Good evening!

Today, we released MPPT Firmware version v1.41. It includes numerous bug fixes and improvements, of which many have been brought forth by you: the community. For which I want to thank you. Its real good improvement in many places. The history log is more robust, and the most important bit, charging a battery, has received various improvements as well.

Then I have to warn you that there is one discussed feature which is not included yet: paralleled charging. It was not finished yet; and we wanted to wait no longer with releasing the rest. Now, with them final; we continue working on finishing the parallel charging.

The other thing that is not all done yet is that there are new configurable parameters. Including a configurable tail current, adaptive vs fixed absorption setting, and more. But, they can't be configured yet. There is no VictronConnect version yet that has those new parameters. I expect to have that in beta two weeks from now. So, I have to ask for a bit more patience there.

For now, this is the only announcement. Once VictronConnect is finished, we'll announce this update more wider, ie. on the blog and more.

All practical information below.

Have a good day! Matthijs

How to install

For those with VRM; installing is quite easy: follow the instructions in the Remote firmware update manual.

For those without, what to do is download the firmware file for your model from Victron Professional, and then follow the instructions in chapter 8.2 in the VictronConnect manual.

v1.41 change log

(copied from Victron Professional)

IMPORTANT: Upgrading the SmartSolar models, not the BlueSolar models, is a one-way trip, you cannot go back to an older firmware version once you upgrade to v1.40. Reverting to older firmware gives error 116 (calibration data lost), this can be fixed by re-installing the v1.40 firmware.

Charge algorithm improvements

  • Added automatic compensation for voltage losses, this covers 2x 1m cable + connections + fuse. The output voltage increases with 100mV (10A/15A/20A/30A) or 150mV (others) at the maximum rated charge current.
  • The Lithium battery rotary switch preset has been changed to a fixed absorption time (non-adaptive, always 2 hours and it does not stop based on tail current).
  • Fixed bug that caused the charger to restart, possibly with a very short absorption time, when the solar voltage dropped. For example when mounted on an RV and driving under an over-pass. Now, it will only restart after the charge has been interrupted for 1 hour.
  • The re-bulk voltage changed from 13.7V to 13.4V (for all battery types).
  • Added three new settings. (But these can only be used after also a new VictronConnect version has been made available. Beta expected in week 20)
    1. Adjustable tail current (changeover from absorption to float).
    2. Adjustable re-bulk voltage (changeover from float to bulk).
    3. Adjustable automatic equalization parameters (current / duration).
  • Fixed bug that caused the charge state to move to Absorption, 200mV “to early”: before reaching the absorption voltage level. While then showing Absorption, it the voltage kept increasing. Now, its how it should be, also those very last 200mVs, it still shows Bulk.
  • Fix issue in absorption timer related to temporarily PV shortage. When the PV power drops during absorption and the charger is therefore unable to maintain the absorption voltage, the charger now temporarily switches back to bulk. This is also indicated on the LED & in VictronConnect and other UIs. As soon as there is enough power again, and its therefor maintaining absorption voltage again, it will resume its absorption phase.

Other improvements

  • Improved the way settings are stored for the SmartSolar chargers. Before this improvement, an interrupted firmware update sometimes made for them to be reset to default. Not anymore for the SmartSolar chargers. Unfortunately it is not possible to add the same improvement for the BlueSolar Chargers.
  • Added PAYG, or Pay as you go” feature to the SmartSolar models. When set to PAYG mode, a charger operates based on time-bound tokens: it ceases operation after the last token expires, to only restart once a new valid token is entered. The feature can be used for both internet connected PAYG systems as well as non-connected systems. For more information about our PAYG features and offerings, contact
  • Fixed bug in the 30 day history data log: the charger used to decide that it was already the next day when a dip in the PV power occurred.
  • Improved how the 30 day history is affected by a firmware update.
  • Streetlight: fixed bug that caused LED drivers using PWM dimming to flash during the day.

SmartSolar Control Display

  • All readings related to temperature will be shown in 1 degree resolution, adjustments in the settings can be made in 1 degree steps.
  • Time settings (absorption and equalisation time) can be set to 0 and increments of 0.5 hours (was 1 hour).
  • If the unit is controlled externally the display shows 'REMOTE' (previously 'ESS').
  • The messages 'REMOTE' or 'BMS' no longer pop to the foreground as requested on the community.
  • Add setting 19 (adaptive mode): value 0 or 1
  • Add setting 21 (tail current): value between 0 and max in 1A steps
  • Add setting 28 (re-bulk voltage): value between 8 and 17.4 in 0.1V steps
  • Add setting 40 (maximum equalisation time): value between 1 and 24 in 0.5hour steps
  • Add setting 41 (auto equalisation stop on voltage): value 0 or 1
  • Add setting 42 (equalisation current percentage): value between 0 and 100 in 1% steps.
MPPT Controllersfirmware update
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Kristof G. avatar image Kristof G. commented ·

hi matthijs,

thanks for this awesome upgrade!

now i hope to see this function into the ESS mode ( quattros) too ;)


Added three new settings. (But these can only be used after also a new VictronConnect version has been made available. Beta expected in week 20)

  1. Adjustable tail current (changeover from absorption to float).
  2. Adjustable re-bulk voltage (changeover from float to bulk).


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Elimac avatar image Elimac commented ·


Is it me or the Charge Current limiting is not working in this version?

- I have now high currents into battery, even if I set a limit, it goes above!! (only charging from MPPTs)

- Leds are not blinking

- MPPTs show in Venus as Networked, "Slave" (seems ok there)

- I have 2x MPPts in parallel, updated both to 1.41. Charge limit was working perfectly in 1.39.

Also, inside Venus device, MPPT menu, Network state, I have observed that upon a ON/OFF reset the target voltage has changed from original 29.07 (first observation) to 28.90 after reboot. The MPPT was warm, does it mean is ignoring the DVCC / STS reading from Multiplus?

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Elimac avatar image Elimac Elimac commented ·

Another serious issue I found out. Even with the "Charge Current Limit" turned OFF, MPPTs are jumping around in cycles of about some seconds.

I turned ON my washing machine, MPPTs can't set stable on a point, I have 2x MPPTs with ~1500W each, and is high Sun right now. See these tow pictures taken some seconds apart:

Moment #1:

Moment #2:

This repeats every 5 seconds or so.

I have enough Solar PV at this moment, however MPPTs are having a hard time. finding a stable point, and system is drawing from battery without need.

I usually put washing machine to work at this time, and I did not see this behaviour with previous versions (not so much anyway)

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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·

Hi, any update to v1.41 for those people who are having problem's with v1.41?

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hobohome avatar image hobohome klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·

Given the disturbing reports above and the inability to downgrade some devices, I suspect most people are waiting for some GOOD reports before upgrading. I suspect that only the very brave have actually updated (which does not include me!).

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boekel avatar image boekel ♦ klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·

Hi @klim8skeptic, @Hobohome and @ejrossouw

I've contacted you from level3 support for a possible solution.

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ejrossouw avatar image ejrossouw commented ·

@mvader I have updated my Smartsolar 150/45 MC4 remotely being a located couple of thousand kilometers from my installation. Plan of action?

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ ejrossouw commented ·

I guess what you're saying is that the VRM update won't revert. Confirmed here too, I'm stuck on 1.41. Maybe a 'reissued' 1.39 with a higher number would work?

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jerry34 avatar image jerry34 commented ·

Bonjour, je suis l'installateur sur un smartsolar 100/50 aucun problème visible.

Juste depuis la v2. 30 du venus, la tension est passée de 13.60 à 13.30. Merci

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ovidiu avatar image ovidiu commented ·

Hello, I have a BlueSolar charge controller MPPT 75/15 and i change battery voltage from 12V to 24V; so, i use VictronConnect app to change the voltage but, from first connection to controller the app ask to upgrade firmare to 1.41; the firmware fails to upgrade about 20 time and stop between 2 and 10%. Now, the controller has no firware and i want to revert to 1.39. Can someone help me with the file 1.39. thanks.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ ovidiu commented ·

Onward, ever onward. See how you go with this for the full treatment:

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ovidiu avatar image ovidiu JohnC ♦ commented ·

this is the step that the firmware fails

my question is can i download another firmware and where i find it?

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error-firmware.jpg (41.3 KiB)



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