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I am getting to the installation of my system. I have 6- 200W panels in parallel of 3. My MPPT is a victron 100/50. I calculate my voltage will be around 60V and 20a. I was going to put a fuse between the controller and panels. I was going 25A setup. Also, I was going to run a 50 amp between the mppt and batteries? Sound about right? Any recommendations on a source for the fuse or breakers?

I also have two 12V 220Ah batteries I am going to run in series to run 24V. They are the gel batteries. Do I need to vent these? Also, will I need a battery balancer you think?


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Battery Balancer 24V AGM Bank


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Victron Battery Balancer

How many balancer(s) do i need if i have 24 volt inverter system with 4 batteries (2 series and 2 parallel)

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Wrong SOC % in CCGX (Easysolar 24V -3kVA )

Hallo !

On the display on my CCGX it shows that the SOC is at 46% although the battery voltage is at 28,2 volts -which should be approximately 90-95%.
(I have checked the battery itself with an external voltmeter and get the same voltage: 28,2 volts )

How can I get the CCGX to show the right SOC %?

I have tried to open out the VE Configure after downloading it to my MAC but I cant find the program to open it (the .rvsc -file) . I would greatly appreciate help on how to get into the VE Configure on my MAC.
Do I need to use the VE Configure to solve my problem of SOC % ....or can I do something directly on the CCGX or maybe the VRM?

Could the problem of having 46% SOC be a result of the battery no beeing balanced?

Balancing / Equalization:

The battery is a Lithium Ion battery (approx. 10 kwh) from recycled electric car batteries (Mitsubishi Miev) - and have been working very well since I got the system a year ago.

The maximum voltage should be 28,7 volts for balancing....but now it goes to float at 28,2 volts. The highest battery voltage (in overall history in the CCGX) according to the MPPT (150/70) is 28,67-so maybe the issue here is that the cells have not been balanced?

I have chosen "Equalization" on the CCGX under Advanced...and it shows: "Starting..." . The battery in at 28,2 volts as mentioned -when will the equalization (balancing) start? And it seem that if I go to another menu on the CCGX the equalization stops....-is that right? Do I need to leave the display of "Starting..." to remain in order for it to equalize ?

I would be very happy for help on this :-)


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LiFePO4 Smart Midpoint Monitoring and Battery Balancer


is there anything to be gained monitoring the mid point voltage, or using a battery balancer, with 2x 12.8v Lithium batteries in series and a ve.bus BMS with Venus?



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Motorhome advice? 1600-2400W 24V system, BMS, multi-MPPT for shade

My bus has a 24V alternator / starter setup. Seeking advice on a 24V leisure/office setup, as well.

I'm new to this. Does this setup make sense?

Panels: 4-6x 410W 24V / 49.5V Voc, 9.76A Imp each, used in PAIRS


  • 2s2p LiFePO4 180Ah (total 600Ah effective to 80% DoD)


  • 2s4p AGM 200Ah (total 600Ah effective to 50% DoD)


  • 3x Victron SmartSolar 100/20s (3x = top, left, right of vehicle) MPPT-synced with new 1.49 / May update(?) to adapt to partial shade
  • 1x BMV-712
  • 1x BMS-12/200? Needed if each 12V 200Ah battery already has a cheap BMS built-in
  • Something that can charge the 24V starter batteries as well? Recommend?

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Balancing 4 x 48V



I have a 48V system and 4 parallel banks of batteries. I've just connected my 3 balancers (they were just sitting on the wall for almost 3 years since the system installation, just because the certified Victron installer failed to make them work!!!). So, I've extended the diagram available in the manual as attached. 3 out of 4 sets are having now the same voltage, only one set is having 50mV lower voltage. And "high voltage on the upper battery" led is lit, but just on the first balancer, not on all 3. Anything wrong on the installation?


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Battery balancer for Gel Batteries.

Hi experts! I need your advice. I have lead-acid batteries. Type GEL.

Amount - 72pcs. And three Quattro inverters (10kW).

How much do I need a Battary Balancer to equalize the charge?

According to which scheme is it optimal to connect?

It will be an ESS system with Fronius Symo. Thanks!

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Cable or busbar for correct midpoint voltage?

In this section of the Wiring Unlimited book, the midpoint connections are illustrated as cables. Should the midpoints be connected to a busbar like the positive and negative cables in order to get the same midpoint voltage across each series?


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Balance configuration for 3 x 12v batteries configured for 36v

Greetings all.

There are configuration diagrams for every configuration imaginable except for a 3 battery, 36v system.

I need a diagram for connecting two battery balancers (or one if that is possible) to three 12v batteries connected in series to create a 36v system.

Please do not just say, “it’s the same as such-and-such” a system. Please give a point to point connection., and knowledgeable and factual explanations are welcome.

I can look at the setup for a 48v system and copy it, dropping the orange wire on the second balancer leaving the black wire as both would be connected to the same point. Would that be correct?

I am sure the solution is simple, and I would like a simple point-to-point answer, but it is nowhere to be found. Getting rid of the 32v system is not the simple answer.

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Victron Battery balancers - do not balance to equal voltages

I purchased 3 Balancers and am using it on a 48V string of 4 x 12 V 170AH batteries. What I find after the balancers have
have stabilsed is that there is almost exactly 100mV difference between each pair of 12 V batteries - so the the voltages are as follows from the negative side 13.65 , 13.55, 13.45 , 13.35 V . The charge current is less than 100mA and all LED are green. The bank is stable and voltages will remain like that for days. The balancers do not appear to balance the voltages to all be equal but rather to achieve a 50mv midpoint error (50mv midpoint error equates to a 100mV difference between two adjacent batteries ) Is this correct behaviour? I have tried each balancer seperately on a pair of batteries and behaviour is the same , the lower batter is always 100mv higher in voltage than the upper battery asked
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Victron Battery Balancer for LiFePO4 without internal cell balancing from the BMS


I have recently purchased 2 x 12V LionTron LiFePO4 batteries which I wanted to connect in series for 24V - upon reading the manual I could see that they weren't capable of connecting in series. I'm guessing because the BMS doesn't have internal cell balancing.

Could I use the Victron Battery Balancer to connect these in 24V without issues, or what other products from Victron could I use?

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Balancer installed - still huge voltage difference at the end of bulk phase

I have 4 x 230Ah lead acid batteries (closed, but not gel or AGM). Two in series, both pairs in parallel for a 24V system. The batteries are at least 5 years old, exact age unknown.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that there are voltage differences in each pair, for example the lower battery had 11,9V while the upper battery had over 13V.

Then I bought the Victron Balancer and installed it. In general it works fine: When the bank is notable discharged (say by 50Ah) and then charged with my Victron Centaur 24/70 the voltages are pretty similar during the process.

But a the end of the bulk phase, when there is only about 4A charging current left, something weird happens: The upper battery gets more and more voltage up to 15,1V while the lower battery gets less voltage of around 13,6V.

After a short discharge when there was for example an huge load while using the inverter it's even more weird: Then first the lower battery has an higher voltage than the upper with up to 14,5V (lower) / 13,9 (upper). While charging this is reversed so again the upper gets much higher voltage (up to 15,1V), just as described above.

Has anyone an idea what happens?

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Victron QUATTRO 48/5000 with dual 48V battery banks


I am considering installing a Victron QUATTRO with Pylontech 48V batteries. I would initially purchase 4 batteries to give me around 12kWhr when new. I would like to later add another 4 batteries - maybe 5 years down the track.

I suspect that just paralleling the old and new would be a bad idea due to the original batteries having aged and lost capacity. It would seem better to have two separate battery banks and treat each separately for charging and discharging.

Is this possible?

If so, how would this be accomplished?

What would be the recommended way to add more batteries at a later stage?

thank you,


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What configuration would be best for a lynx dc distributor with 16 batters?

We have a 3 phase 30kva Quattro invert configuration. we are looking at installing 16 victron super cycle 220ah batters in a 48v configuration, with 3 battier balancer and lynx 1000a. What is the best configuration for that battier balances and will 3 be enough?

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How works the alarm function on the Battery Balancer?

We are applying the battery balancers for the first time. And they are working well. The only thing what is unclear is how the external alarm light and reset button should work. We apply the balancers in a 48V system.

Has the alarm light on the battery balancer the same function as the external alarm? Is a reset button necessary? And When should a customer using the system getting in action after having an alarm on his system?

Kind regards, Frans

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Can a Battery Balancer be Used Without BMV-702?

Hi, I have a 12v battery set-up (6 x 12v) that I want to convert to 24v. Looking at charts for the Battery Balancer in brochure I cannot figure out the setup. There is a chart with 1 Battery Balancer and 6 batteries in two groups, but it includes a BMV-702. Since I already have a BMV-700 to monitor my batteries, I am not really interested in buying a 702. Will I be able to set it up as in the chart with my BMV-700 instead? Anyone knows?

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How to wire Battery Balancing for 24 volt?

Hi everybody, after using victron products now for over 12 years I now joined the community. I have got a question regarding the wiring in a 24 volt system made up from 6 x 12 volt 265 Ah batteries. I:would like to balance each pair of serial connected batteries but also all three banks of 24 volt. How many balancers do I need and how should I best do the wiring?Wishing a Merry Christmas to everybody!

Best wishes from Sweden


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CCGX doesnt report midpoint voltage from BMV-702 when using VEDirect to NMEA2000 Adapter

Got a BMV-702 and CCGX and a 24 volt system in the boat, before last season I had the BMV-702 monitor the starter battery bank. Last spring I purchased the battery balancer and installed it and rewired & reconfigured the BMV to monitor mid point voltage instead. The BMV display the midpoint voltage fine on its own display, but the CCGX still thinks it gets starter battery reports from the BMV.

Recently I hooked up OpenHab to monitor the state of the charge and switch on my shorepower automatically using the Aeotec Heavy Duty smart switch - works great. While configuring this I saw in the MQTT stream that the CCGX still thinks it has starter battery monitoring from the BMV and not midpoint.

/battery/0/Settings/HasMidVoltage {"value": 0}
/battery/0/Settings/HasSettings {"value": 0}
/battery/0/Settings/HasStarterVoltage {"value": 1}
/battery/0/Settings/HasTemperature {"value": 0}

Clearly the CCGX is stuck or something similar. Is there any fix? I've tried looking in the CCGX meny if there was somthing like rediscover the BMV but cant find that type of feature/option.

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Batterie Balancer and charging AGM slow discharge batteries on a 48V bank of 4x12V


Being new here and after searching the forum, I didn't find an answer and I am looking for some help. Thank you very much for your time and answers.

I am planning to wire in serial, 4 Hankook 12V - 65Ah to get to 48V in order to drive through an Alltrax SR 48300 controller a DC Motenergy ME0909 Motor ( 48V - 100 Amps ).
1) Is it a mandatory to use Battery Balancers (like BMV-702 or 712 ) in a serial AGM Battery Bank ( 4 x 12V ) as I have read somewhere that AGM batteries don’t need equalization ?
2 ) I understand these batteries balancers work when charging but do they work also when running the motor and therefore discharging the batteries ?
3) What is the best way and easy way to charge these batteries ? Is it by charging them one by one with for example a Blue Smart IP22 ( 12V ) or directly with a 48V charger like a MEC ( 48V Charger )

Thanks again

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Double Check Battery Balancer Wiring

Please confirm that my wiring on left for my bank works.

Trying to work out if my green, orange and blue lines (and single red and black lines) match what the manual suggests. The series and midpoints links don’t allow connecting midway on cable, so I placed on one side. For red and black, use same terminals as inverter.

1, 2 and 3 (blue) are the 3 battery balancers.


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How do I know my Battery Balancers are alive?

I've wired in my balancers but they give me no indication, LEDs or otherwise that they "on" and doing anything... (The wiring is ugly, and I'm thinking about how to do it better).


They are connected as follows (white wire above is thin green wire below):


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Can my SMART Solar 150/60 charge NiMH batteries?

I have an 18S NiMH battery pack with connected in 12 parallel and I want to charge it using my SMART Solar 150/60 or 75/15. Has anyone had success using NiMH batteries with solar? I know that I'll probably need a BMs and any suggestions would be appreciated.

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how to add 4 new pylontech to old

i have had a batch of 4 pylontech batteries running for 5 weeks and have needed to add another 4 to the stack , so have 8 now but the victron cannot see the pylontech battery anymore. do i need to default the batteries somehow and reset with new master . thanks

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48v diagram wiring balancer


i am going to wire in parallel my 2d 48v bank of battery.

I was looking after the victron wiring diagram but i do not understand something

it seems there is an error ,take a look at my picture , i do it in purple


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battery balancer set up

I am adding a balancer to my battery system and want to clarify the wiring set up. I have a 24v 440ah configuration with 4 220ah gel cells. It is now wired with bussbars as recommended by Victron. Looking at the diagram in the balancer install sheet, it appears that the Common connection is simply wired into the midpoint circuit in the bank with the pos and neg terminals connected at the bussbars. Am I interpreting it correctly?

If this is the correct wiring set up, what is the actual balancing provided by the unit? Does it balance across the 2 series connected 24v cells only?

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Battery Balancer not balancing 24v 3s 2p bank system

I'm nearing the end of charging here and hoped my banks would be more in balance than this. As these are AGM cells that almost .2v difference is a big deal. I looked at the lights and only the green is on. I verified with a multi-meter as well. I also re-conected the wires in the order specified (I connected common first time around).

I'm well over the 27.3v threshold for when it should be on. If I recall, it needs a 50mv difference. I was dense enough to have Google do a mv to V conversion for me, if I'm figuring this right, I've got 160mv of variance here.


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Is a GX device required with a Multiplus II + Pylontech US2000 + MK3?


I see many discussions using Gx or Venus. Are these guys a "must have" to be able to run Multi II with US2000 batteries ? I only have the MK3, I was told this is enough.

My equipment:

-Multi II version 5010

-A set of 3 US2000 batteries

-18 PV x300Wp, so 5400Wp on the roof including APSSystems YC600 micro inverters

-Multi II AC in : Grid connected wtih the loads

-Multi II ACout1 : PV panels including the micro inverters (so out in 220C ac)

-Multi II ACout2 : empty

Using the VE config and setting up the ESS assistant, the Multi II has initially started in Inverter mode then after 1 min delay in "Mains On", while the sun was down and batteries fully loaded.

So I guess it started to use the batteries to feed the power but as there was no com, it stops.

Can you please confirm my assumptions ? or explain the reasons why I can not today feed the loads from the energy stored in the batteries?

Any workaround ?

Thank you

Zak asked
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Extending my system with new panels and batteries


I have a solar panel system with 4 x 150W panels (Voc 22,3V, Isc 9,1A) in series and 2 x 12V AGM 140Ah batteries in parallel controlled by a Bluesolar MPPT 100/50. Now I'm about to extend with 8 more panels of same type and 6 more AGM batteries of same kind as the previous ones. My plan is to make it a 24V system instead and setup the panels as 3p x 4s, thus keeping the panel voltage but increasing the current. I'm wondering is there a way I could use my around 2 years old batteries in this setup or do I need to leave them aside. Can a balancer help me here, I don't fully understand how it works, what would the wiring be? I would like to make a 4p x 2s batteries setup, but if I can't use them I will need to go for 3p x 2s and leave the old batteries to setup a separate system. I would really like to use them and have the capacity.



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battery busbar wire configuration

I am installing positive and negative busbars to assist in properly balancing my 24v two bank set of 4 220ah 12v Victron Gel batteries. Should I connect all of the charging source cables and positive load output wires to the positive busbar and all of the negative ground wires to the negative busbar with only + and - battery connector cables leading from the busbar to the batteries themselves?

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