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Oversizing a PV Array (within max Voc and Isc) can do any damage to MPPT ?

Hello there,

I currently am using a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 while my defect 150/60 is getting replaced.
At first I only connected 2 of my 4 BenQ 330W modules in parallel, but they are not getting the job done on cloudy days...
I am now considering connecting them all 4 in parallel. The modules' specified Voc is 64.9V, the Isc is 6.52A, getting in total about 27A, well below the 35A limit for max Isc...

With the colombian sun at midday, I sometimes got more than 1600W from my 4 x 330W modules, nearly doubling the nominal PV power specified for my 24V system with the MPPT 100/30.

Could this oversizing cause damage to the MPPT, although inside the permitted range of Voc and Isc? Could there be shortening of the lifetime of the device because of "abuse"? Will it get very hot?

Any clarification very appreciated, thanks in advance and greetings from Medellin.

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BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 max PV (will it work with 600Wp)?

Hello there,

I currently am using a MPPT 150/35 driven by 3x150Wp of Solar in parallel on my sailing yacht. This is well within the specs of the 150/35, which says 500W max. Usually I see around 350 up to 400W maximum at around 24-25A due to partial shading, which can't be avoided in a sailing environment.

Now I'm thinking of adding another 150Wp for a max. of 600Wp. That will give me hopefully another 6A to load my 12V house bank, but still below the limit of 35A. The manual says max. 500Wp but will limit outgoing current if oversized. But it does not say anything about the limit.

Is the limit the max charge current of 35A?

Does it do any harm to the 150/35 if I put 600Wp to it but still below the max. charging current?

Thanks in advance


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Maximum Panel wattage for Smart Solars 150/100 and 250/100

Hello, I need some info urgently and wondered if there might be help here.

The Smart Solars 150/100 and 250/100 both have a nominal PV for 12V systems of 1450W – notes on the spec sheet says

1a) If more PV power is connected, the controller will limit input power to the stated maximum.

Now what I need to know is what is the maximum panel power that the units can handle and limit assuming the unit is at maximum output of 100A.

I have a situation where I would like to have more watts of panels than the nominal 1450W to increase the output during the dark days of the year.

The panels will be mounted flat on the top of the cabin.

There is the going to be the occasion when the sun is in exactly the right position that the panels will likely develop maximum power.

So I need to know what is the maximum wattage the MPPT can limit?

Many thanks


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Can I oversize MPPT charge controller?

Can I oversize an MPPT charge controller? I would like to start with just one 100W solar panel and have plenty of room for expansion, if I need it in the future. I am thinking of MPPT 40A controller.

Thank you

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