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MPPT Settings Change when firmware is updated?

Hi All -

Is it possible that when you update the MPPT to the latest firmware that some of the battery settings can be reset to default?

I could be mistaken on what my settings were before but I am a pretty detailed person and wouldn't expect that I had my MPPT settings incorrect.

That said, I just upgraded my MPPT firmware to the latest, 2.19 or 1.42, (idk which one to reference) and I noticed that 2 of my settings were off:

1. The Temperature Compensation setting was set to -36.00mV/F, which I believe is the default. I would have had that set to -20.00mV/F as I have Lifeline AGM batteries.

2. The Maximum Absorption Time setting was set to 2H, when I would have had that setting to 6H.

Again, while very unlikely, there is a possibility that I set these to what I saw but I just wanted to check if I need to be checking my settings after every update.



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