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Reset PIN Code Blue Smart IP67 Charger

I got an Blue Smart IP67 charger 24/8 and pairing is failing. When I try to reset the Pin Code, it gives me the error: "PIN Code reset is not possible, contact your Victron dealer" after a Busy message.

I tried two different phones. I was never able to connect so there is no bluetooth connection to forget. Tried to poweroff/on the unit and for the first 30 seconds it says that is not able to reset the PIN and that I should wait 30 seconds.

The green light is steady on and the yellow is slow blinking, There is no battery connected as I need to setup the battery type first (lithium)

What else can I do to reset the PIN?


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I forgot to mention that when scanning I see the the name "BSC IP67 24/8 xxxxxxxxx" where xxxxx is the serial number.

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I have the same problem. Why does it not work as per manual and program? Please advise.

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Hi @Achmed

What are you trying as PUK code?

Kind regards,

Thiemo van Engelen

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Alexandra answered ·


Try resetting it to default and starting again using these instructions.


There are other troubleshooting options for connecting.

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Thee BlueSmart IP67 that @caki ask about does not have a mode button...

Instructions for PIN reset is as follows:

Blue Smart Chargers IP67

On the device list: tap or click the three-dots menu on the right side of the product description. A menu will pop up offering a 'Reset PIN code' option. Click that, and enter the PUK code. The PUK code can be found on the product label, on the back of the product.

If this is what you are doing and it does not work, I don't know, maybe the unit is faulty?

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caki avatar image caki mrhappy commented ·
Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. It does look like he unit has a problem and I did open a support request with Victron.
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