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Venus GX displaying incorrect power usage (Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet)

The VenusGX added the Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet just fine and started using it showing the 3 phase grid input.
However it is confused as I have my multiplus 2 on phase 3. What it does is count the measured AC output of the multiplus 2 on top of the phase 1 measured grid power. This causes it to display double the power used but I figure it will also cause a major issue with determining the appropriate feedback power.

How can this be solved?
Can you only install this on phase one?

yes I am planning to upgrade this to a set of 3 multiplus 2's one on each phase but these machines don't come cheap so I started with the phase that has the most power consumed.

EDIT: switching phase 1 and 3 on the Energy Meter solved the issue but this seems like a silly way to solve something that is ultimately a software setting. and of course now pahase 3 is reported as one and 1 as 3 which could of couse cuose more confusion in the future.

Venus GX - VGXEnergy Meter
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