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Charging 3 battery packs from alternator/solar/ac


I have the following situation on my boat:

- starter battery connected to alternator

- aux battery

- bow battery

I want to achieve the following:

- charge all when on AC shore - this is done, I have 3 output ac charger with each seperate line going into them (existing sbc 500 adv fr)

- charge all from alternator

Right now, I have an emergency connect that connects in parallel starter and aux, and also use this for charging. But this is not a proper 3 phase charger, and I have a feeling it can mess with aux batteries. The bow does not get charged from alternator (but in emergency I can connect in parallel in same way).

- solar

Now I also want to add solar, to charge aux and bow (starter battery is fine w/o solar). Is there a good way to do this with 1 MPPT?

Any ideas/suggestions? I want systems to be independent, not for these sets to discharge between themselves. They do share common NEG right now (but this can be changed).

I was looking through different schematics and posts here (and elsewhere).

One proposal/idea is:

- for alternator

Add Orion to receive alternator input, and connect that one through argofet to both aux and bow (starter gets charged directly from alternator bypassing Orion).

- solar

Add one mppt, which is also connected to same argofet as above.

Is this ok? Basically I do not want to have any of packs in parallel, so want to isolate charging like this if possible.


MPPT Controllersorion-tr smartArgo FET Diode
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