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Multiplus, MPPT Networking

Hi all,

I have Venus OS (on a Pi) running with 3 x MPPT Smart Solar, a SmartShunt and a Mutliplus. All are connected by USB, VE.Direct and MK3-USB. All are appearing on the the Venus Console.

Under the MPPTs, when looking under networked operation, I get the following settings which I cannot change. I have DVCC enabled. I have VE Smart Networking disabled.

Can someone point me to what these settings mean and how to adjust them? Is there a way to network the MPPTs with the Multiplus and Venus? I can't adjust the settings on Venus OS,



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Jesse avatar image Jesse commented ·
No idea sorry.

On my Cerbo GX the MPPT's Networked operation page looks identical, and my two MPPT's are actually linked together using the bluetooth VE.Smart networking, so it's not that.

Maybe VE.Direct is considered a network too? And external control of the MPPT is possible using the GX devices (to change charger settings remotely), I think that can be disabled somewhere?

Would be good to know what the significance of the other settings are...

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I have a similar setup and question to this. I have been looking in manuals and posts with no luck.

I have a multiplus 2, venus GX, BMV 712 smart, battleborn lithiums, and two smartsolar MPPTs. I just added the second MPPT.

I had the first MPPT connected with VE.Can and has been great with external control from the multiplus 2. When I added the second MPPT, it only has a VE.Direct port so I connected it to the Venus.

I see all devices in the Venus OS and VRM.

Now, the new MPPT connected with VE. Direct has the external control listed, and the VE. Can MPPT is listed as "group and instance master" under network operation. I read the instance 0 is default but I cant find much more information on it like changing that setting. My understanding is that I should not need "bluetooth ve smart networking" setup if you have a GX device connecting everything.

I do not have DVCC enabled, and do not know if I need this or not.

How do I get both MPPTs to be listed as external control from the multiplus 2?



VE. Direct MPPT-


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dray22 avatar image dray22 commented ·

UPDATE: I disconnected my BMV-712 Smart cable and disconnected my VE.can cable from the MPPT, and hooked up the cable to the MPPT and both came up as external controlled. Of course I dont want to stay this way, without my BMV connected to the Venus, because I only have two ports on the Venus. I am hoping a to USB cable will work, as I have an open usb port on the Venus.

Is this the only way to get everything working correctly or can I get the MPPT VE.can port to allow external control working again somehow? Remember it did work when I did not have the new MPPT hooked up via into the Venus.

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