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Victron MultiPlus control by RaspberryPi with MK3 and change parameters


i'm owner of a MultPlus 48/1600/20 and i use it to charge my DIY LiFePo4 power-storage. now i control its function by switching it On and Off with the “remote”-contact by a RaspberryPi. The RaspberryPi read the Input and Overload of my SMA-EnergyMeter and then switch the charging on, if there is more power, than i need in my house. but i find out, that i can change the charging current with Ve-Configure(windows) while the charger is loading the batteries. so i think it may be a useful function, to change the charging current depending on the overload of the PV-Equipment. I read the Documents about the protocol to talk over the MK3-adaptor, but i can't find the solution, how to set the parameter.

All the other open-source projects are made only to read and document the use of the parts.

i need such a sequence, which code i have to transfer to the MK3(FTDI), so i can set the parameter for charging current.

my main program is running in python(3) on the RaspberryPi.

thanks for help

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerbattery charging
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the "normal" way would be to use VenusOS on your Raspberry Pi and use a Energy Meter.

Installing CCGX functionality on a raspberry pi [Victron Energy]

Energy Meters start page [Victron Energy]

To do it like you want, is a not the "normal way" and considered a modification.

Therefore this post goes into "Modification Space"


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thanks for this informations.

i have also an Energy Meter, but from SMA. It was installed in 2018 while the installation of the PV Equipment. it is running, and sending informations also to the SMA-Cloud. But it is readable by my Raspberry with a python-script too. the output gives me informations about power consumtion in both ways: consumption into my house from the PV and whats going out to the net.

and i'm not liking to setup a raspberry for each part of my PV equipment.

so i search for a solution, to control all of them by one software (and not only reading, what is happening today).

now my SMA-Grid-Inverter is putting the power of the PV to the net (3-phase).

if my python script is reading the condition, that i give more than 1500W is going to the net, than its closing the remote-contact of the MultiPlus-Charger.

if its reading, that the power is less than 0W(zero) than it is switching off the MultiPlus-charging by opening the remote-contact.

but between this conditions there is often place to loading the batteries with lower power, then the MultiPlus is setup now(Maximum=20A).

I found out, that i can set the charging current from 1-20A by using the VE-Configure software(windows) in the time of charging.

but if the remote-contact is switched off, the controller in the MultiPlus is offline(without power?). so the integrated fan is also not possible to cool down the electronic inside (!).

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