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Integrating Non Victron MPPT Into Cerbo GX

My current solar energy installation consists of a Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100, a Cerbo GX, a SmartShunt 500A and non-Victron 150/100 MPPT.

The 150/100 MPPT has a RS232 connection which is then connected to a RS232 to RS485 converter and then to a web logger from where the data is uploaded to a proprietary website. The data being uploaded is the following: panel voltage, panel current, battery voltage, battery current and status (whether the MPPT is in boost or float sate).

I wish to get this data fed into the Cerbo GX so that I have one platform showing me the entire status of the solar energy system.

I would appreciate any suggestions except to spend a substation amount of money to replace the MPPT with a Victron MPPT.

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