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Repeat Absorption Interval

Multiplus and Skylla Chargers: Is the repeat absorption interval re-set when power to the charger is disconnected or does charger continue to time the current interval even if power is cycled?

Lithium batteries on a sailboat. Want to control when bats are pushed into bulk/absorption voltage to reduce un-necessary wear. Plan to enable "Watch function" on Skylla (start-up in storage if battery voltage >=13 V.). And set repeat absorption interval to 15 days (to allow cells to re-balance). Want to avoided charger from entering bulk/absorb voltages when charger is plugged back in if batteries are at or above float/storage voltage. Concern is the repeat absorption interval will re-set every time the boat is unplugged from the dock and not go into repeat absorption mode if power is regularly cycled inside of 15 days. Charger will always start in storage mode if voltage above 13v. Therefore Bulk/absorption voltage never reached for cell balancing.

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