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Easy Solar & Cerbo


I just recently installed Easy Solar with Cerbo and GX Touch along with an AGM supercycle battery into a Mercedes Vario bus converted to a camper. Everything looks ok but I can't get the battery % to appear on the GX Touch so I have no idea of battery state. I connected to SP and fully charged the battery which I thought would then feed the info to the Cerbo through the battery controller in the Easy Solar but that hasn't happened. I have a lead coming from the vehicle battery to the AGM to charge it when driving.

What I am wondering, is there a way to get this working or do I need to install a smart shunt? If I do need to install a smart shunt will this connect to the cerbo via bluetooth or do I need connect with a VE connect cable?

It would be disappointing if I need a battery monitor on top of the Easy Solar.....

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

You have to enable the battery monitor in the settings of the EasySolar (with VE.config).

But the EasySolar + Cerbo can only see the current coming from the grid through the MultiPlus (inside the Easy) and from the MPPT connected to the Cerbo via

If you have any other DC charging sources (alternator) or loads you need a SmartShunt to see that current. The SmartShunt have to be connected to the Cerbo via

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for reply, much appreciated. I didn't realise the battery monitor in the Easy Solar wouldn't be able to see the feed from the vehicle alternator or even that it had to be turned on.

When you refer to VE.config do you mean just the VE.connect cable or would I need the MK3 also?

And, even if I enabled the battery monitor using VE. config it still wouldn't recognise the alternator supply? Looks like I need the smartshunt so?

Thanks for the help Matthias

With the Cerbo and an internet connection you can use "Remote VEConfigure"

Offline you will need a MK3 Interface.


As I wrote above, the Easy (which model do you have?) can only sense current going "through" it (charge and discharge) any other charge or discharge current from devices that are not connected to the Cerbo can not be measured.
So you will need a SmartShunt to get a correct SOC measurement.

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Thanks Matthias. I don't have a cable to connect to the cerbo so will try that tomorrow to enable the battery monitor. Is there an option to run the power through the Easy so it can be picked up by it. The manual showed a possible battery connection but it was at the back and difficult to reach. I have the Easy 12/1600. Going by what you say maybe the best option is just to get the SmartShunt.

NO, you need a SmartShunt with a connection to the Cerbo!

There is no way for the Easy/the Cerbo to measure currents from other devices that don't have a communication to the system.

If you don't have it already you also need a cable from the MPPT inside the Easy to the Cerbo.

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Ok, thanks Matthias, can I ask one final question;

My understanding of the Easy battery monitor is I must charge the battery to 100% and the Easy will then monitor the input/output and calculate SOC. Where the problem will arise is that the input from the alternator will not be calculated by the Easy without a SmarShunt to communicate. But, if the alternator brings the battery back to 100% SOC will the Easy then reset SOC to 100%? The only issue I will have then is if the alternator doesn't bring the SOC back to 100% my reading will be lower than actual. Is this right?

I don't think this will work.
The Easy don't have so many options/parameters to calculate the SOC like the BMV/SmartShunt. It only measures the current in and out to decrease and increase the SOC (+ it gets the solar current values the Cerbo).

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But how does it establish the first SOC reading?

I will get the SmartShunt in any case because I think having the reading of the alternator charge will be a good thing to have and at least then I know the SOC is accurate. So, should I still turn on the battery monitor on the Easy or leave it off and let the SmartShunt do the work?

After the first full charge cycle the system knows that the SOC is 100%. From there it can reduce/increase the SOC depending on the current going out (through the inverter) or in (from grid or the MPPT).

With the SmartShunt the system can measure all currents in and out no matter from where it is coming or where it is going.

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So if I install the SmartShunt will I turn the battery monitor on the Easy off?

If you don't want to switch off the inverter based on the SOC or use the SOC to switch the internal relay, you don't need to activate the internal battery monitor. But it also doesn't hurt if it is activated. The easy will always get the correct SOC from the Cerbo.

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Thanks for your help and patience Matthias, it was a great help and much appreciated,