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Smart Solar config

I have a 3 bank battery charger on my boat. I have connected my SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 to a Victron FET battery Isolator. I have several questions that I would like to talk / email with technical support.
1) Is this a recommended installation configuration?
2) Is there a problem using this configuration. The controller is only powered when the solar panels can supply power. This is not a perfect situation, but liveable.
2) The Diode in the Victron Isolator prevents battery current from keeping power to the MPPT controller. I do not wish to direct connect a battery to the common terminal on the isolator as this will result in the common connected battery to charge downstream batteries. If a downstream battery fails, this would bring unsatisfactory results. Is there a way to use the alternator energizer to power the controller? Is there another method?
3) If I could get an email address, I could send more detail system schematic for consideration.

solarsmart solar charging behaviour
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1) There is no such thing as a "recommended installation configuration". It depends on your needs and wishes.

2) If it works for you, there is no problem.

2-2) You will need to upload a schematic of your installation. Not sure what you exactly mean by 'downstream battery' and how you've wired everything.

3) Victron does not offer technical support to end-users nor do they sell to end-users. You'll need to contact your Victron reseller for support or you may ask your question on community sites such as this one.

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