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ON/Off Grid use case


Working on proof of concept for our exhibition trailer.


Normally undertake a number of outdoor exhibitions, as these are starting again looking to a hybrid energy solution as a lot of venues a actively banning use of generators so either use provided EHU or go to alternate energy.

Using the following as a use case

Kit includes

  • 100/50 MPPT
  • 200W Solar arrays
  • Smart Shunt 500
  • Smart Battery Protect
  • Phoenix Inverter 800
  • Orion TR 12/12/30 Isolated
  • Venus

Question is around grounding.

Phoenix in the above use case is bonded to the -ve busbar I am assuming the bus bar is also grounded to the chassis to EHU power

I'm assuming the 375/800 has the earth connected to the N of the AC output by the internal jumper.


MPPT ControllersMPPT SmartSolarPhoenix Inverter
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