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Cerbo GX connot connect to VRM portal

I apologize in advance if this question has been answered. I have a Cerbo GX and I can connect locally via victron connect in in the local view I can check the network and verify I'm also connected to the network (ID: Venus.....). But when I try to connect to VRM and create an installation (I currently don't have any other installations) I select the Cerbo GX and enter the VRM ID.and a shaded red box pops up and reads "The installation with the specified VRM portal IF or IMEI could not be found."

I'm seriously pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. The Manual keeps running me in circles. Does anyone have any insight?


cerbo gx
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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @DCarter

  • Make sure the Cerbo is connected to internet
  • make sure the Cerbo is updated first to at least fw 2.60
  • use the VRM id from the VRM menu (I think that should be the same as the wifi-mac address)

This is presuming all the other indicators for connection are as shown in the troubleshooting section of manual.

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Daniel, I have 2 follow up questions. (install image below for reference) and some additional info for you that hopefully will help you help me. This all started because about 2-mos after the test bench setup that worked fine, the Cerbo wouldn't accept the established WiFi password any more.hilde-brain.jpg

Just yesterday I successfully updated the firmware (via USB) to the most recent version (2.60) and that went fine. I also used the long push on the recessed button to reset the network. so I could get onto the Cerbo WiFi Network.

To connect to the Cerbo I'm using an iPad tethered to my iPhone. When I open VictronConnect and check local connections I can see all components except for the MultiPlus, which I assume is correct because the Multi is directly connected to the Cerbo via CAT 5 cable. I "see" the Cerbo locally. I can also connect to the Cerbo's WiFI (venus....). When I switch to VRM (I currently don't have any installations) I get prompted to creat an installation. I select the Cerbo and enter the VRM Portal ID. then I get the red box that says it the VRM Portal ID or IMEI cannot be found.

At this point, I assume it's connected to the internet, right? It's connected to the iPad and the iPad is connected to the internet through the phone, otherwise I wouldn't be able to connect to the VRM portal. When I check the internet connectivity in the GX screen, it says its resolving the IP address, So... I'm guessing it's not connected, but why?

The WiFi Mac address is different, I'll try that today. So to summarize....

Cerbo is connected to the iPad, iPad is connected to the iPhone, the iPhone is connected to the interwebs.

Where is the breakdown??


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Your Cerbo GX is not connected to the Internet.

not through the iPad-iPhone-internet scheme?

I recognize that is won't be connected all the time until the vehicle WiFi is set up I just need it to connect so I can set up the installation in VRM.

Try to connect Cerbo GX to the phone WiFi hotspot, if that's all you have.

That's how I did it when it was on the test bench. Since then I upgraded to the new iPhone and the Cerbo doesn't see it. Do you think it will make any difference if I create the WiFi hotspot with my phone and tether a windows laptop to it?

Cerbo GX needs to be connected to the Internet, not your laptop.

Is the phone hotspot 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

Cerbo GX uses 2.4GHz.

Crap the new iPhone 12 Wi-Fi hotspot is at 5 GHz.

Turn on "Maximize Compatibility" in the phone hotspot settings.