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Parallel AC Multiplus II injection algorithm problems

Hi, I have something strange in a configuration of a system that works with two inverters in parallel. This happens only in injection zero modes and limited power injection.

Hardware system:

- 2 Multiplus II 48 5000 70

- 2 SmartSolar MPPT 150 100 Ve.CAN setup

- 1 battery bank of 3 parallels Pb-C = 600 Ah - 48V

- 30 Renogen 340W setup as: 3+3+3+3+3 MPPT N º 1, same at MPPT N º 2.

- OctoGX


Last firmware: 2623481.vff

OctoGX version 2.63.

(the same configuration tested, and same problem on 2.60 version of the OctoGX, and firmware 2623477)

VE.Bus System Configurator:


VE.Bus Quick Configure:

The configuration of the inverters is the same, (in the attachment you can see the configurations), and the ESS Wizards were also load separately as the documentation explains:

Configuration files:

Datasheet externals brands:

Renogen lead carbon battery.pdf

In the video you can see how when you change the configuration to limit the injection or set it to 0 injection, the system begins to oscillate, connecting and disconnecting the part of the solar regulators, It is noticeable in the sound of the inverter as the winding makes an effort to connect and disconnect, obviously this is currently injecting because I could not leave it working that way.

I posted the same on Spanish questions forum but still have not answer, here the link Pregunta en español

Sorry for my english!

ESSmultiplus in parallel
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