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induction cooker and campervan electrical system

I am in the design phase to transform a sprinter 211 cdi, L1H1, everything a little tight !!!!, but perfect for use here in Europe and explore small towns, easy to park ... etc

But now I got to the point of doing the electrical project, which I'm not used to doing, I'm a civil engineer, I understand 220v AC circuits.

I wish you could help me with that part.

I'm Brazilian, but I also live a lot here in Portugal, where I'm going to do the conversation. Well, I started making a spreadsheet, with the necessary equipment and power, I have no intention of filling the camper with things, not least because it is an L1H1 sprinter, and I would like to have a simple electrical installation, but I don't want to have gas inside , so I prefer a stove with only one induction zone and to heat the water a D6 truma, which is diesel.

https: // induction-hob__AA-2234813-3.pdf

But from the calculations I made and compared to others I saw on the net, it seems that it ends up consuming a lot of power, with that it makes the electrical part expensive.

I don't want to spend so much only because of the induction.

In my calculations, it would have:

2 - lithium batteries of 100ah each

2 - solar panels of 100w each

1- 2000w inverter

1 - victron 100/30 controller

I don't know what equipment I would still need for everything to work.

In your opinion is this configuration sufficient to make quick meals and stay a day or two off-grid?

I will be grateful if you can help me, presenting an electrical diagram with the necessary equipment.

I am grateful if you answer.

Well, the result of the spreadsheet was:

Quantity Watts Voltage Amps Amps in DC (12V) Hrs Wh Ah
Laptop Charger 1 65 220 0,3 5,4 3,0 195 16,2
Induction 1 700 220 3,2 58,3 1,0 700 58,3
USB 1 50 12 4,2 1,0 50 4,2
Fridge 1 45 12 3,8 8,0 360 30,0
Lights 2 5 12 0,4 3,0 15 1,3
Water Pump 1 42 12 3,5 0,5 21 1,8
Fan 1 40 12 3,3 1,0 40 3,3

TOTAL 1381 115

Wh Ah
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dazey77 answered ·

To me your sheet gives a good illustration that you will be short on power. 1381Wh is ball park one of the batteries so for 2 days you could use everything.

I think you are very under panelled for this too, especially as you haven't mentioned any vehicle charging. I have 200w of panels just for a small fridge in a camper van, no other heavy loads. The panels will run the fridge continually most of the year but thats what I want and expect of the system.

The most I ever had out of a 200w semi flex array in a day was 680wh. I would work on 400wh but it depends on time of year, location etc. There is a calculator on the victron site somewhere that gives the graph of what you can expect out of your panels across the year. You will still want to cook even if its cloudy, so with only a few days of storage you have to allow for working with a low output from the panels (the more storage you have, the more it balances out). In winter I can have days when the most I can get out is 20wh.

Induction is really on the edge of what can be done on a small 12v system. Some that have done it have used special low power induction hobs rather than full spec ones.

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michelg answered ·

Hi Joao ! You will rely on your batteries most of the time, so, I'll recommend you to make your circuit with 24V, you will less stress your battery bank, also the cabling will be smaller section has your setup will just use half of the Amps you may need with a 12VDC setup.

In my home, during winter, I use a Phoenix Inverter 24V/800VA which is fine and do not need too much power to be working 24/24h, 7/7d. I definetely will look for another solution to cook. 2kWh is huge and feeding it 1h is a lot...

Regarding the frigde, I'lll suggest you to look a DOMETIC products, I own two of thier products, a simple fridge Tropicool and a frigde / freezer with compressor. The Tropicool is great for my needs in winter, and its consumption is minimal (12VDC/24VDC/220V all in one).

For your 12VDC circuit, you could use an Victron Orion 24/12.

I hope my opinion will bring you some ideas !

Have fun ! Michel

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