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MPPT BlueSolar 150/60 skips absorption cycle after update to firmware v1.39


I have just updated my MPPT BlueSolar 150/60 to the latest firmware v1.39.

The next day what I noticed is that there was no absorption cycle. Instead the MPPT went straight into Float mode.

Also I noticed that after the upgrade the MAX battery voltage was only 53.96v - it has always been around 58v (which is the manual configuration I have in the MPPT settings)

Is this normal behaviour?

Has anyone else go the same issue perhaps?

I have a 48v battery bank (4x 12v AGM 300A batteris in series) with 36 solar panels PV and a Victron MultiPlus inverter.



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Hi All, after playing around for a couple of hours it is working back to as it is supposed to be.

Here is what I did:

1) disconnected PV, then disconnected the Battery bank - waited a couple of minutes

2) connected battery bank then PV

3) went into setting and loaded my previous backup - still the same issue - ( I should have probably done a factory reset first then load the settings...)

4) did a factory reset and then manually adjusted the voltage settings for absorption and float

5) saved settings in a new backup file

now working as normal - absorption at 58v.

hope this helps.



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Thank you for the follow up reply.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to take care of these issues. Othertimes, a walk :)

It can be tricky with a new firmware launch to know what is a new problem, and what isn't. So I was watching this one.

Thanks again for the initial report and the report back.

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