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Coonection between Smart BP-65 and BMV712

I am a little confused and have read my tips which sometimes have been conflicting and confused me more.

If feasible I would like to have a Battery protect to prevent a charge from dc-dc orion, MPPT and the IP22 charger. The intention is to set up the relay parameter in the BMV712 and when the temperature or voltages are outside certain parameters ( below 5 degrees) the Battery protect, using the remote feature, would turn off.

I would like to know if this is feasible?latest-v1.jpg and if this is ok which connections do I need to make?

The objective is to protect my lithium battery against charging at cold temperatures.

I have included a diagram of my setup which does not have the BMV to Battery protect relay connection.

Also attached is my current setup, which shows the 2nd BP-65 not connected and this will remain like this until I can found the correct safe solution.

Any help much appreciated


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