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Just a though re a new Space to show new Apps/programs that members have made

What does everyone think about a space that new WORKING apps / programs are listed

At times I would like to see whats been developed out there and ready to use as sometimes you say well thats great and I could use that.

So a space that lists all the available items/programs/features etc say off Modifications as a example.- just to browse through the a list would be nice to have. and the person could put there email details or allow a PM to be sent to the lister to enquire about availability etc etc.

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Part of this is, I think, supposed to be the Victron energy GitHub This could be a nice space to post thing with a README for instructions, any code and Licence to protect the author.

I have been thinking of posting some of my work there for a while. (Some of it is currently here and described in this article

But I have quite a few other bits and pieces I am willing to contribute. As someone noted already, links get lost or buried in this forum.

I did ask how I should use the Vitron Github and have an ongoing discussion with @Theimo @ Victron about tying to make use of the Victron Github in a sensible manner. Read my thought here -

As I had not heard back for about 5 days I was going to do as Theimo suggested and just fork and existing repository next weekend and add some of my work.

I can see it needing a few rules - I have already started to notice that many things documented by Victron recently need the right versions of Venus, VE.bus, and other firmware to actually work as documented and the combinations are seemingly endless. My only test bed is the equipment on my boat or an Rpi on my desk with no Victron kit attached, so I simply can't say what my work will or will not be compatible with.


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Paul B avatar image Paul B laurenceh commented ·

Yes the Git hub is a option but just another area to look at, Having a section here under Modifications with a list of all things finished and available in say alphabetical order or even categorized listings would be helpful, not everyone wants or uses GitHub.

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Experiments, Modifications and Adaptions. Mods (Modifications) can be made to Victron Software by the Community. Please use the modifications space for enthusiasts who want to push what is possible, without official Victron Support.