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How do I add to Victron GitHub what are the rules?

Should I add code contributions for the community as a new repository under or under my own GitHub account?

(It appears I might be able to do that but don't want step on any toes or break rules)

Is there a guide adding code to the Victron GitHub location?

(I had a quick search and did not find anything, but perhaps I missed it)

If I have already aded a repository with my code in, is there a way to add the repository to a place where Victron Venus users can find it?

IM on a steep learning curve for GitHub as I only created my account 4 hours ago so any help / advice gratefully received!


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Thiemo van Engelen (Victron Energy staff) answered ·

Hi @LaurenceH

The default way of working is forking a repository from to your own account and then making changes there. When you think you have something that is useful for Victron, you can send a pull request (see ).

Also a good way to contribute to Venus development is participating in the victron-dev-venus google group ( This can be used to pitch ideas and improvements and is a good place to get ideas and feedback from other enthusiasts that are developing for Venus.

Kind regards,

Thiemo van Engelen

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thanks for replying, I had a look - I'm still trying to understand GitHub.

I can see how I could fork a repository and add to that exiting repository but each one in already has its own, LICENCE files and code directory, so I dont want to modify (or contribute) to an existing project.

It seems that I think I need to do is add my own repository (probably called dbus-i2c or dbus-temperature or something that) With my own of instructions my own LICENCE file and my own code directory.

I could fork an existing project as you say, and then edit all my stuff (including instructions) into a sub directory of one of the existing repositories, but which one ? - What I have written is a service, most similar to dbus-adc but my service interface code is in Python whereas dbus-adc is in C. - Please let me know if this would be the best place to do it?

One the other hand, it seems to it properly, you could either;

Thanks Laurence

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