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Cerbo GX MAC address range compared to other Victron gateway devices?


I am looking for a way to distinguish between different Victron devices on a LAN based on the MAC address ranges, for example the CCGX and Cerbo GX. The CCGX MAC range seems to be registered to the manufacturer 'Texas Instruments' whilst the Cerbo GX MAC ranges are different. For example on a test site for the Cerbo GX I verified that the two MAC address prefixes were:

- 02:cf:04 -> (Ethernet NIC) (Manufacturer = Unknown)
- d4:12:43 -> (WiFi NIC) (Manufacturer = AMPAK Technology, Inc.)

I was wondering if these were unique to and will be consistent across all Cerbo's? If not is it possible to receive a range of MAC addresses for the Cerbo GX devices that could be expected?

cerbo gx
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