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Custom VE Configure assistant / CCGX development ?

OK I know how this sounds and honestly I would rather not fiddle with stuff but there is a need, at least I cant find a way to do two things I want/need to do.

Easysolar 5000 / BYD 13.8

1. I want the system to recognise when the generator is running, which it dose, and clock up runtime, which it dosnt. Moreover I dont want it clocking up runtime when the generator call is on but the generator isnt... Call me picky!

2 I want to switch on a dump load, water heater, when the string voltage is high, indicating there is more sun than I am currently charging the battery with... Ideally this load will be variable so I would like an analouge or data output. (MQTT and an external uP may fix this)

I realise that there will probably be many ways these things could be done and perhaps more importantly I also realise I have no idea what objects/handles/data are available.

I want to keep this as simple as possible but code and complexity dont worry me.

SO... speciffics

Can I / Should I try to build an assistant?

If so, what resource is available and what tools are required.

Is the CCGX a better option/platform? It is after all talking to everything already.

Again, what resource is available and what tools are required. and in he case of the CCGX, can it command relays/outputs in other devices or external modules.

I havent found much, actually any, info on this subject and it seems like there are plenty of folk who could use aditional automation... Happy to share if it will help.

How hard can it be?


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Sorry, I guess this is essentally a bump, which I know is bad form but I have stuff to add...

Firstly I have found a way to habdle the generator using Modbus running in a small PLC which I will probably go with but I may revisit the whole 'can I build an assistant thing again later.

More importantly however I have also found that my system is supporting, well mostly, generator registers and MQTT topics, which is odd given that I dont have one connected.

This has set we ondering if an asistant, in my case the generator start/stop, which is the only one I have configured, is responcible for that and thus if it is therfor possible to build an asistent to expose stuff I currently cant see?

I am asking because although Modbus can set he generator manual run state the MQTT topic for the same poin seems to be omitted.

That brings me back to he origional question... Are custom asistents possible? and aditionally is my hunch right, is the assistent responcable for exposing the registers and topics, or lack therof?

Sorry if this is a silly question but my gut tells me that using an addon script is likely a better choice, assuming there is a choice, than mucking about with he OS.

I will not be attempting the latter by the way, I know it i technically possible and even open source but I dont want to go none standard and risk the guarantee.

Just looking for a leg up here, or even a pointer to where to start looking.

I am assuming that an assistant is just a script hooked into an API/class whatever.

I am prety sure I will be OK with python, JS or even Java but Linux just isnt my thing and I dont think I have he time, or even justification, to learn it and certainly not whilst playing with expensive kit.



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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) avatar image Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ Alistair Warburton commented ·

Hi @Alistair Warburton

It is fine, and encouraged to post informative updates to your own questions.

Just be aware that you posted as an answer, which will reduce your question from being seen. I have converted it to comment on the original question instead.

Sorry I don’t have much I can help with myself to your question. Truly custom assistants are rare.

There is a new frontier with NodeRed that may seem to be what you are looking for, but options are very limited for now, and no support on CCGX. It is for VGX and OGX only I believe.

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks, that never occured to me, much appriciate the heads up.


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