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BMV712 temperature sensor and status not working

I got a temperature sensor on my BMV712, but no matter what I try in settings, it shows nothing like it's not connected.

I got another one from the store to see if it maybe broken but that one gave the same result.

Other issue.....after a little while BMV712 shows load drops to 0% in a couple hours after charging, but the 4x 12V220Ah agm's are fully loaded.( New batteries)

Can it be a broken print on the shunt or is the BMV itself broken?

Everything else seems to be working fine...

Multiplus 12/3000/120, 360Wp, Mppt12/24-40

BMV Battery MonitorTemperature Sensor
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Can you please make some screenshots of your settings and maybe pictures of the wiring?

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I think all setting are correct

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20210113-135333.jpg20210113-135328.jpgscreenshot-20210113-135020.jpgscreenshot-20210113-135106.jpgscreenshot-20210113-135058.jpgscreenshot-20210113-135038.jpgscreenshot-20210113-135118.jpgI put the red on the busbar for all battery positieve wines and tried it on the battery itself but no diference.

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