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Multiplus - 'Forcing' Inverter to come on

Have a very specific requirement for my Multiplus installation...

I have the AES enabled so the inverter is generally in Low Power mode and that is just as I want it.
However, occasionally and sometimes I want to have the inverter just come on and stay on regardless of AES settings and without the need to have a higher draw than AES specified to activate.

With my MP 12/3000/120 Installation on my Campervan I run an Induction Hob. I found in AES search mode that every few seconds the Hob would beep as the MP woke up to check for a load. To get round this, I fitted a fused spur (link to exact Spur fitted from Amazon here -, the idea being that when I wanted to use the Hob, I would just turn the Spur on.

As a side effect - and a very useful side effect which I want to replicate - I found that as soon as I turned the Spur on, the Inverter would immediately stay on, irrespective of the size of any AC load.

So now, whenever I want to make sure the Inverter in the Camper stays on for a reason, I can simply just flick the Spur switch on (don't need to turn the Hob on to do this).

So that is how I managed this on the MP 12/3000/120 but I want to be able to achieve the same result on my new 12/1600/70 Easyplus installation in my Motorhome, but I don't have a place - or normal need - for the same Spur as I linked to above.

Anyone know what in the Spur switch I linked to above would cause the MP to ignore the AES settings and force the inverter on? maybe the Neon light in it? Any suggestions for something similar (I would be happy with just a simple 20mm rocker switch with neon light to just flick on if that would do the same i.e. force Inverter on and ignore AES.
Or of course, is there another way (without going into VE Config each time) to force the Inverter to ignore the AES settings? Maybe an Assistant I can activate with an external switch? (I had a look at the assistants and found nothing of apparent use to do this)

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

You can achieve this by programming the "general flag user" assistant and two "programmable relay" assistants.
But since the small EasyPlus only have the temperature sensor as an input you have to use that and connect a simple switch to it (but you can't use a switch with a LED).


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Hi Mattias,

I just added the assistants and uploaded the new config file and it is working just as required. Turning on Relay 2 disables AES and turning off Relay 2 enables again. So perfect there and many thanks for guidence on this :)

I have an extra question now ... As said I am using a Cerbo Temp Input for battery to free up the Temp Sensor connection on the Easyplus and that is fine. But I get a Notification ...


Now I know my firmware is out of date (430) and I also got a message telling me need a minimum of 435 for something or other after installing these new assistants (that message has gone and not reappeared and I didn't note the detail when first read it :( ).
I'll aim to update the firmware tomorrow (finally found my Mk3 Dongle again!) but could firmware be related to this Temperature sense error notification do you think?

I am happy the Easyplus is still picking up the right temp info via the Cerbo, looking at the screengrab below (276 is the EP ID, 27 is one of the Cerbos Temp IDs), so this error would be false I am sure.


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Thanks Matthias, I will give this a go.

I have the Temp input already wired up to use an external control/switch of one type or another (so is currently free) and use one of the Cerbo Temp Sensor inputs for the Battery Temp instead.
I could also use Relay 2 on the Cerbo (currently free) to drive this assistant as well, which might be handy (I don't mind going into the remote control to turn a relay on and off).

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