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MyPv Ac-Thor AC coupled off-grid system settings

Hi All,

I'm planning off-grid system with PV and wind turbine. Based on the initial research I think that MyPv Ac-Thor is able to work as a dump-load for the wind turbine. I would also like to include a hot water boiler as prime excess power load.

I found this page but there is no information about how to configure AC PV Inverter.

If I "define Frequency start value 50.1Hz and the Frequency end value 51Hz" in Quattro and Ac-Thor my guess is that AC PC inverter should have some offset e.g. start 51Hz end 52Hz. If all three have the same range PV Inverter will lower it's output so there won't be excess power for Ac-Thor, am I right?

I would like to use dump load only for wind turbine after boiler reaches target temperature. I'm not sure if this can be achieved using only one Ac-Thor. ac-thor-victron.png

Two units with following configuration seems to make sens:

1. First Ac-Thor 50.1Hz - 51Hz -> hot water boiler

2. AC PV Inverter 51Hz - stop

3. Second Ac-Thor 51Hz - 52Hz -> dump load for the wind turbine

Am I missing some better solution?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Dyju711,
In principle your approach should work.
However since the frequency is impacted by battery status and not the load used on AC-OUT, you cannot influence the times how long your boiler is heated. In worst case it might end after a few minutes already.
Therefore I would consider an isolated algorithm implemented via nod-red that considers more aspects like e.g. boiler temperature. In case you would have plenty energy available, you could maybe even operate both.
Via node-red and modbus you can control the acthor as well!

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Thanks for your feedback, I'll take a look at node-red and modbus ;)

modbus documentation for acthor is provided on demand by mypv. Just send them a brief request and you will get it there.

Hi, very interested in that modus documentation. Also in the type of power regulation AC Thor performs. I guess that if power regulation is by leading or trailing wave regulation, in an off-grid system it would be very tricky.