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VictronConnect cannot find blue solar charger MPPT 75|15, but works well on 75|10

I could successfully connect and update several "BlueSolar charge controllers" MPPT 75|10 with V1.16 but not the "blue solar charger MPPT 75|15". Note the different name and spelling..?? It's version 1.08 and considerably heavier than the other devices. Although they look the same, the sticker rates them in different IP. [Counterfeit?]

Data streamed looks different and less than on the other chargers:

14:10:31.252 Checksum^IP
14:10:31.706 manf^IVictron Energy
14:10:31.717 prod^IMPPT 12..24V/15A MK2
14:10:31.731 ser#^IHQ1337L7ATX
14:10:31.740 ver#^I1.08
14:10:31.746 Checksum^IP

Same problem on Android and Windows. I tried hooking it up to a battery but problem persists.

Any hints? 🙏

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jperez (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hello Joe,

Your MPPT firmware version seems too old for VictronConnect, first update it with VE Power Setup.

- Download and install VE.Power Setup

- Download the latest MPPT firmware from Victron Professional

- Connect the MPPT to a Windows laptop, close all your serial port tools, open VE Power Setup and update the firmware of the MPPT.

Once updated, the MPPT mus be recognised by VictronConnect.

Please, let us know the results.

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Solar Charge Controller MPPT 75-15 v1.39_A042.dup

This one?

In the Demo it says 75|15 should have V1.37?

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ joeoffgrid commented ·

Hi Joe, yes v1.39 is OK.

The reason that you don't see that in VictronConnect yet is that we have not released a new version of VictronConnect yet; since releasing v1.39 for the MPPT.

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Thanks. This solved the issue

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