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Maintain a desired SoC when Pv is avaliable, possible or not?


I have an ESS Installation with a Multiplus II and a Cerbo GX.

When selecting "keep batteries charged" the System stays at 100% and DC coupled Pv in fed into the grid.

My Question now is, if it is possible to tell the system to do this, without selecting "keep batteries charged" ?

just feed in all DC Pv Power and don't charge or discharge the battery.

at the moment i set up a control loop to /Settings/Cgwacs/MaxDischargePower to manage this.

But it would be nice if there would be an easyer way.

Regards Felix

Multiplus-IIcerbo gxSOCd-bus
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I have not tried this with feed in as we are not allowed to but if you uncheck battery life in ess then the system does not charge the battery to full every day

The other way is to mess with the charge voltages unless you have self managed batteries. That makes it trickier.

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