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AC load not shown correctly when AC in


We have a couple of systems (4) running with a Multiplus 24/3000/70 and a Venus GX.

One of the systems shows a significantly lower AC output value, in VRM and through remote console, when connected to grid. Grid in this case is a generator started by the venus gx.

The AC loads seem to be working correctly and I can not imagine a roughly 100w drop happening in this system, load is usually quite consistent. When running on batteries the correct load is shown, this just happens as soon as ac IN kicks in

Where to start looking to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance


Multiplus-IIremote console
acloaddrops.png (44.8 KiB)
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I have the same problem. Just for clarity, my system has a Grid Meter and is configured for ESS. When I use the Multi internal Grid Meter it works fine, with the CG meter I get what @tlamers sees.

*Edit: Rebooted my GX and now it works fine - must have been a glitch.

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