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AES in Search Mode, how does it works ?

Hi !

I activated AES mode into my MultiPlus 48/3000/35-16, but i read in the manual about a search mode which can save more consumption.

I don't understand how it works... why there are 2 thresholds ? Why not only under a value set, it switch in AES Search mode and above in normal mode ?

I would like to keep on the multiplus during the night but only for a lamp, 7W, but it consume 20W all the night...

How to set it for this usage ? what are good thresholds ?

It seems not evident... :, the flashing due to bad settings ?

Thank you for answers,


PS: sorry for my english, i'm french !

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargeraes
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tinybluehouse avatar image tinybluehouse commented ·

How many watts have you got with your PV? If you're running a 48 V system and a 3000 W inverter you must have a decent size system where 240 Wh isn't really a be all end all?

20 W x 12 hours of night = 240 Wh

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Hi @Tinybluehouse, thanks for answered,

Your calcul is right, but i consider like when we calculate a PV installation, in worst days, when the sun isn't shining for a long time ... The calcul become : 20Wh x 24h = 480Wh !

I sized for 3 days of autonomy and never discharge under 50 %, so 3000 Wh per day. 480Wh represents 16% !!!

When the sun is OK, no matter, but, we just passed few days this month, with 1kWh yield... and the required autonomy is more than 5 days...

Your answer imply AES search mode is not a good idea ?



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tinybluehouse avatar image tinybluehouse jibap commented ·

Yeah I understand what you're saying. But if you want that lamp on with full brightness at night you'll need the inverter on!

Is that your video? From how I understand that mode the inverter goes to "sleep" and wakes every few seconds to see if there is a current, the draw of that lamp isn't high enough for it to "wake" it from search mode. I believe you can amend that setting so it will "wake" with a lower draw but that would still give you the same situation in the 20 W draw from the inverter plus the draw from the lamp.

I have a smaller inverter 2000kva and it draws about 10 W when it's idling, so I guess that might be an option? I leave it on all the time though as even on the worst days of the year it will charge itself back up within a few hours.

The answer in my experience is always add more PV add more PV :D

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jibap avatar image jibap tinybluehouse commented ·

No, it is not my video, only found it on Youtube about AES search mode...

Someone else on a french forum, told me that the multiplus may be bad set in this video. So i'm trying to understand how does it works...

I think that PV size is not the problem, i've 15x185Wc !

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wkirby answered ·

Its like Tinybluehouse said, there is the mode to search for loads every few seconds. A small lamp is not really enough. No point to light a 7W lamp when the inverter will use 20W. The other mode makes a modified sine or modified square wave however you want to view it, like a cheap Chineese inverter does. This method uses less energy, but it's a horrid wave. I think it is still more than your lamp.

Better will be to run a DC lamp direct from the battery to save conversion costs. Maybe you will need a small DC - DC converter for 48V to 12V, but still like 95% efficient for those I think.

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jibap avatar image jibap commented ·

Yes ! i will search about a luminaire with batteries, like a torch, which can be recharged when the inverter is on. In static if it exists...

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stenis answered ·

It is possible that the AES and Search mode option look only to the Loads but not to the different of PV Production and loads? I run with 10 kw on the pv side and have a load of 1 kw so the inverter could go into sleep. Why is this not running or how can this configured ??

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