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RV converter-charger replacement?


I have a mostly victron system and looking to replace an ancient RV converter-charger with something to match. Current system:

100ah LifePo4 bank A

(+2x 210ah FLA. Golf-cart 12v house bank B)

Victron BMV712 +shunt

Victron Smart 100-15 and 75-15 MPPTs

Victron Smart BLUE ip67 12-25a 120vAC charger.

I use an external plug-in honda eu2kw (1800w rated) inverter-generator most of the winter. I need to replace 50a/hour if possible BUT I would really like to take advantage of my 100a RV alternator when driving!

My old converter supplied DC when the old built-in Onan 4kw generator was running or the RV was plugged into shore 120vac and outputted 12v to the lights and fans (etc) and charged the old AGM with about 3-45a depending. I currently use the Honda for everything as there is almost no sunlight here in the winter.

I'd like to set up a simple 3-or-4 way switch via the positive battery cables (?) (I.e. "A-B-Off" or "A-Both-B-Off" as well as the gc2 FLA will be needed as a backup source until I can afford more LifePo4 to replace. The slight issue is 50a is a bit too much for my 210ah GC2 FLA's. Sorta need two different chargers, unless...?

I've considered a 2nd BLUE Ip67 12-25a and a switch to select bank for charging but that doesn't much solve the alternator while driving charging issue...

What do I want to look at to get 50a an hour into my LifePo4's using 120vac? 50a as that keeps the Honda in eco mode snd nice and quiet for the 1.5-2 hours recharging.


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Hi Trina. I think there a couple of things you could consider.

The Multiples 12/3000 is a good match inverter/charger for most motor homes. You can also program the charger to limit the amount of charge is supplies.

Depending on the type of lithium batteries you are using you could utilise the alternator and charge both battery types via an Argofet battery splitter. The alternator will supply charge to each battery group as required.

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I have battleborn 12v 100ah "drop in"

I was hoping for something a bit less expensive or redundant (I don't need the ac side or an inverter as I have one).

I was looking at the Orion as a possible. I have a really decent 100a alternator that could easily put out 50-70a while I drive if ai had a dc-dc charger and some way to protect it from the lifepo4's BMS dropping out.

I'm hoping Victron makes something like progressive dynamics or IOTA's DLS-55-12 55a or similar converter and psu that uses all their great user interfaces sp I can plug it right into my setup. I actually have not had any luck online finding out if they dlmake something like this!


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