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Problem with Victron Multiplus (high battery voltage)


We are doing the start-up of an isolated photovoltaic system, which consists of the following elements:

- 20 CanadialSolar panels (MS440 --> 0.44x20=8.8kWp, two strings)

- Fronius Primo 8.2-1 inverter (8.2 kW limited in its internal configuration to 5 kW)

- Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70

- Victron Color Control GX

- 5 Pylontech US3000 batteries (3.55 kWh each)

- A 6 kVA electric generator starting via relay of the Color Control GX.

After several incidents, having installed all the firmware updates and having configured correctly the values according to the manufacturer, it seems that the batteries do not charge more than 90%.

When this value is exceeded, the Victron turns off and all the installation runs out of electricity. Then, a visual and acoustic alarm in the Color Control shows that there is "high voltage" in the batteries. These values usually range between 51.7 and 52.4 volts (according to the battery datasheet, the maximum charge voltage is 53.5 volts).

As I have already written, the values recommended by the manufacturer for the Victron and Pylontech set have been entered and no one from technical assistance can give us the correct solution. It would be appreciated if someone could give us an answer to this problem.

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Hi @Guillem_636

This is quite usual: new batteries need to balance properly first, this is done by keeping them charged for a while (I have no idea how long this takes, read out the battery to see cell-voltages)

I know this is not easy in an off-grid system, if no grid is available it is advisable to charge on generator until the batteries are balanced.

The problem is: when a cell reaches the high voltage limit, the battery disconnects itself from the system, and the PV power has nowhere to go, thus the voltage shoots up and the system shuts down to protect itself. Once the batteries are fully balanced the system should work fine without any problems.

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