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CCGX remote console - is it possible without an internet connection?

I have a CCGX that i am using in an off-grid setup. Is it possible to setup a 'remote console' without having a internet connection?

If so what is the best approach & devices to use as a screen?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

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wkirby answered ·

Yes. Simply point your browser at the LAN IP address of your CCGX.
Make sure that Remote Console is set to "Enable on LAN"

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Thanks very much for the super fast response.

So I assume that connection would be via LAN cable?

If I used a wireless dongle in the CCGX would I be able to set it up a wireless interface to a phone for example?

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Are you wanting to set it up point-to-point or do you have a LAN at home with a DHCP server (aka router)? Does your CCGX currently have a LAN cable with an IP address at all?

It's possible to have a router (even though you don't have internet access) to act as a DHCP server and dish out IP addresses to devices on your LAN including your phone over WiFi.

If you want to do point to point on WiFi then you'll need to select a compatible WiFi dongle:

Then set the IP address for it manually.

Sorry for the vague answer, but I don't know your current LAN setup.

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ wkirby ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks very much, I think that answers my question.

It is on a hobby farm and currently we have no form of network or net connection there (so will need to purchase any additional kit).

At this stage I was thinking of simply a direct point to point WiFi connection between the CCGX and a phone or tablet.

So in summary I think I just need to purchase one of the WiFi dongles listed on the supported list or a router & setup the network/IP details appropriately.

Thanks again for your help & have a great day WKirby!

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