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Mppt as wind controller problem with power transfer??

I recently made a knowledge group in facebook for enthusiasts like me, everybody is welcome to join

I am a solar installer from Gsol Energy Global, we make offgrid and on grid Solar systems for the UN.

In my private project, I am allso building a hybrid system containing wind and solar.

Technical information -

Wind turbine 1kw 3phase Greef generator mounted on 9m mast, with home made blades( vertical )

Victron quattro 10000Va,

Ccgx, lynx shunt can bus,

smartsolar 250/70 as wind input with rectifier, and 10000uF capacitor infront.

Smartsolar150/100 for pv.

Wind break will be added through a changeoverswitch later. I can raise and lower wind tower at will, and the vertical design is not prone to overspin due to the design.

My problem is that windmill it is not transferring power, even though i got strong wind and 60vdc at the pv input side. And the voltage on battery bank is more than 5v lower (51,2v - 57,6 is cycle use)

I was thinking that voltage from generator is to close to the battery voltage, I was thinking about putting a voltage stepup module infront despite the loss..

Any thoughts from you guys?

Hydro and Wind Power
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Can you see the controller in victron connect? Is it reading the input voltage and battery voltage?

edit* on second thought perhaps the open circuit voltage on the output of the rectifier is 60v but when the controller tries to start then the voltage might drop below the needed starting voltage.

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