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Victron Portal not displaying AC Load and power correctly for AC coupled system

2 Questions:

1. The display in not showing AC load for my AC coupled system

2. and this scenario is physically impossible, we cannot be supplying 1kW to the grid, 400W to the battery with only 870W produced...

The displayed PV power seems to be correct if I compare what is shown on Victron and SolarEdge monitoring app as the generated PV power.

This is a simple calculated value:

AC load = PV production - grid power - battery power - inverter losses

Have I done something wrong in my configuration or is this an issue on the portal and app?

It does feel like a coding issue on VRM, something was added (+) that should have been subtracted (-)..........

This site has a Multiplus II GX 3000 with a solaredge 3000 HD.

There are no enegy meters, just the built in energy meter from the multiplus.

The SolarEdge has it's energy meter on the main supply, but it works only to zero gridfeed, the Multi is set to feed the grid so energy will go upstream to non essential loads.

The system works correctly, it's just the data that is not displayed correctly.

Multiplus-IIVRMAC PV Couplingsolaredge
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Andries van den Berg, The first thing to do is make sure that the GX device is running the latest version ( See firmware menu of the GX ).

Then I would check to make sure that the PV inverter is set to the correct position for where it is wired into the system (either on the AC input or the AC output side of the Multi) (See PV Inverter menu of the GX).

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I did not know you could choose where the inverter is connected.

Thanks, problem solved!

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