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Solid State Relay to expand no of devices connected to VE.Bus Load and Charge Disconnect

I had planed to use two SBP65 to provide the load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect. Connecting the BMS outputs to the H PIN on the SBP65's. The input of the SBP 65 to the 24v bus and the output to a Charge Disconnect or Load Disconnect bus. All devices that need a charge disconnect or load disconnect are then connected to the relevant bus. The reason for this is so that I do not run into any issues with the BMS only supporting 10mA on Charge Disconnect and 2A on load Disconnect. It is not clear how much current each device connected to the Charge Disconnect or Load disconnect will actually draw and I do not want to damage the BMS. See photo.

What I found in testing was that the SBP would not actually switch off as there is not enough current draw through the device to drop the voltage when the signal is received.

It would seem that I need a smaller solid state relay that will allow the switch to occur with a much lower voltage/current flow. Any suggestions?

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