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Is it possible to use MPPT 100/50 Solar Charge controller just like a DC-DC-Converter without MPPT?

I want to use my MPPT 100/50 1) with a bicycle powered alternator (0 to 75V and 36A, up to 1000W but 100W normal power) at the input and 2) different electrical consumers or battery charging at the output. Actually I need a DC-DC converter with very wide input voltage range.
1) This seems to work fine (with battery at the output) but the MPPT should be switched off to get this working like a normal DC-DC-converter. Otherwise, the MPPT will never find the right point because the input voltage changes to fast. Can I switch MPPT off somehow via settings or custom firmware?
2) I didn't try that yet because I fear to destroy the device. Is it possible to directly connect different consumers (e.g. DC-AC inverter, 12V Car Mobile Charger, Car Hifi)?

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As long as you don't exceed input limits (which your setup shouldn't) the MPPT should be safe from harm. Even then over volting the input of an MPPT in the past hasn't caused harm in my limited experience, it just switches off.

I've never seen any hidden settings to disable the MPPT search function! Wouldn't make sense for it to even exist?

I have used an MPPT controller from another company (cheap pretty average quality Projecta brand) which happily charged a caravan battery off a car alternator provided the input started at a higher voltage than the output. In fact the MPPT function was quite useful because it reduced output to adjust for the length of the wires involved (losses increase exponentially when increasing current over a fixed wire resistance) so your idea though odd may actually work! Please let us know.

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