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How to connect 2 Wind turbines dc motor 85w to 1 MPPT?

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 wind turbines to connect to my Victron mppt 100/20 controller.

My motors are dc 85w. So connection is just 2 wires.

Works well with one wind turbine. Straight forward connection with negative and positive.

My question is; can someone please tell me how to connect the 2 wind turbines in parallel to the controller?

please give detailed description of wiring and what is needed. If I need to use small diodes on the positive? Etc..

Please help!


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connecting a wind turbine to a solar charge controller, without an additional braking (dump load) device can go wrong.

Imagine if your battery gets full, when stronger winds are blowing. The MPPT charger switches from Absorption to Float and so the output Voltage from the MPPT goes down. During that time the battery carries the load for a few seconds, as long as the Float Voltage is reached.

If the turbine is completely unloaded in stronger winds, it might get destroyed.

There are even more scenarios that can go wrong, connecting a second turbine in parallel to one controller, makes that list even longer.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but the good news are, that there might be a solution for that from Victron soon.

Best Regards,


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ago72 avatar image ago72 commented ·

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

I’m at the stage of connecting the wind turbines in parallel to the controller.

If you can please help with the wiring, as I later plan to have a dump load installed.

for now all I need is to not get the wiring wrong.

Perhaps you know of a web link to direct me.

thx again!

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So you have been warned, that this can go wrong and your turbines may get damaged and it is not supported... connect the turbines in parallel, connect both plus from the turbines to the PV plus input on the MPPT and connect both minus from the turbines to PV minus input on the MPPT.

Please make sure, nobody can get hurt from exploding turbine parts or burning MPPT charge controllers and no one can suffer electric shocks and please do me a favor and try to catch the explosion on video and post it here, thanks. :o)

Best Regards,


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ago72 avatar image ago72 markus ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Markus,

thanks, will do.

I’ll be using them on my 51 ft yacht, so the explosion should be spectacular.

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h2onitrox avatar image h2onitrox ago72 commented ·
Hi ago72

This thread is old but hopefully still active. Did you succeed with the wiring and dump load for your wind turbine on the Victron MPPT.

I am busy with similar project. Want to connect my DC PMG to my Victron 250 / 70 but need to know how setup a dump load for the PMG.

Look forward to your response.



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